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Accessories - Wilson Electronics

We offer a wide variety of accessories for both cellular repeaters (bi-directional amplifiers/BDA) and direct connect amplifiers (inline boosters) including:

  • Antennas: Interior and exterior building antennas for use with repeater systems
  • Power supplies: 120V AC, 12V DC (car chargers), and 12V DC hardwire power harness kits
  • Splitters and Taps: Allows a single wireless building repeater to drive multiple interior antennas
  • Cross band couplers: Allows you to combine multiple frequencies into a single cable
  • Surge Protectors: Connect inline between an exterior building antenna and amplifier to help prevent lightning damage to amplifier
  • Ultra Low Loss Cable Extensions: 400 and 600 series cable extensions for use in build repeater systems and longer antenna cable runs
  • Coax Connectors/Adapters: Allows you to adapt from one type of cellular coax connection to another

Should you need a particular part that you can not find or require custom coax cables, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessory Kits - Wilson Electronics
Choose from several Accessory kits for select Wilson Electronics products
Charging Adapters - Wilson Electronics
Charging Adapters for Wilson Sleek Signal Boosters
Connectors - Wilson Electronics
Connectors to mate Wilson Cellular Antennas to other devices
Crimp Connectors - Wilson Electronics
Crimp Connectors for Coax Cable
Lightning Surge Protectors - Wilson Electronics
Lightning Surge Protectors for Wilson Electronics Products
Mounts - Wilson Electronics
Antenna Mounts for various Wilson Cellular Products
Power Supplies - Wilson Electronics
Power Supplies for Wilson Electronics Items
Replacement Parts - Wilson Electronics
Replacement Antenna Parts for Wilson Antennas
Splitters, Taps, and Attenuators - Wilson Electronics
Splitters, Taps, and Attenuators for Wilson Cellular Items