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A Wilson Cellular amplifier improves clarity

Wilson Amplifier-RepeaterIf you have a problem with dropped calls or your cell phone conversations are breaking up, you need to consider purchasing a Wilson Cellular amplifier. carries quality Wilson products. If you need better cellular signal service in your commercial or utility vehicle fleet, we have many options for different vehicles. Every motorized vehicle from boats to common cars can benefit from the use of a cellular antenna. Many industrial or commercial buildings make using a cell phone indoors impossible. Our comprehensive catalog offers several solutions in a range of prices. If you live in what you thought was a cellular dead zone we can find the cell phone antenna booster that will make you want to give up your land line. The engineers here at can design a solution for your cell phone problems. Page through our catalogue or contact us to put your cell to better use.

A cell phone antenna booster works

Cell Phone Antenna BoosterIncreasing your output signal and increasing the range of your antenna is what a cell phone antenna booster does to make your calls clearer. Wilson Cellular offers in building wireless bi-directional amplifiers to transmit and receive cellular signals at the FCC limit of 3 watts. These are the strongest amplifiers allowed by law. Your cell phone clarity will improve dramatically in places where your phone has been troublesome - with the use of amplification systems. We offer wireless and hard line connections to increase your phone's potential.