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Inline Amplifiers and Wireless Repeaters for Maximum Performance

For maximum performance, insert an inline amplifier between the phone adapter cable and the external antenna.  If your phone or data card does not have a functional external antenna adapter port, select a wireless repeater unit. 

Wilson Cellular External Cell Phone Antennas, Cell Phone Adapter Cables, and Cellular Amplifiers for current US Cellular Cell Phones.

The phone adapter cables below are for current US Cellular cell phones. External adapter cables are available for many older US Cellular cell phones as well.

Wilson Cellular External Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cables for US Cellular

Helpful Hint: When going to your local US Cellular Corporate Store or US Cellular Authorized Reseller to purchase a new cell phone supporting an external cell phone antenna, print out a copy of this page for reference or ask your US Cellular Sales Associate to load this page in their browser.

Cell Phone Antennas for Vehicles

Portable Dual-Band Cellular Antennas
Permanent/Glass mount Dual-Band Cellular Antennas

Cellular Antennas for Building and Home Rooftop

Antennas for Building and Home Rooftop use include both Yagi directional (single direction/single provider) and omni-directional (Multi-directional/multi-carrier) use.  Available in single frequency band and multi-frequency band these antennas are commonly used in applications where the cell phone reception on the roof of the facility is strong compared to the signal being received at ground level.

Dual-Band Cellular/PCS Omni-Directional Antennas
High-Gain Yagi Directional Antennas
Dual-Band Cellular/PCS Inline Direct connection Amplifiers
Dual-Band Cellular/PCS Wireless Amplifiers


Wireless Repeater Systems for Home and Building Use

For wireless coverage inside of a building, a wireless repeater system may be used. Both single band and dual-band systems are available. Depending upon your zip code, US Cellular uses either 800MHz, 1900MHz or both (dual-band). WirelessAdvisor's CheckZip may be used to help determine which bands that you need.

Dual-Band Cellular/PCS Repeater Systems
Single-Band Cellular or PCS Repeater Systems

Wilson Cellular External Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cables for older US Cellular Cell Phones

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See a Cell Phone for US Cellular missing from the list?

If you see a cell phone phone for US Cellular which supports an external cellular antenna but is not listed, please e-mail us!

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