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Transferable cell phone antennas

Magnetic Mount AntennaMany of the cell phone antennas we sell can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, or vehicle to building and back again. These portable tools can be used with different phones provided the phone has the appropriate antenna adapter. A specific adapter cable is all that is required to connect any phone to the standard cable connections. Check our catalogue for the appropriate product for your cell phone.

Find your specific antenna adapter

Audiovox Antenna AdapterAn antenna adapter connects your specific phone to the standard connector on the antenna. Our catalogue has a section specifically dedicated to adapters. You can talk to one of our engineers to figure out which adapter is right for you. We do sell some more specific items designed expressly as a Nextel antenna or to allow a Wilson antenna to be used as a Motorola antenna.

Specialized Nextel antenna

Get the most out of your walkie-talkie feature when you pair a Nextel antenna with an amplifier to boost signal strength and allow many phones to be utilized, wirelessly. Extend the power of communication by being tuned to the specific frequencies of your Nextel phones. Flip through our online catalogue or contact us to begin creating cellular solutions.

Nextel Vehicle Antennas:

Our Inline Amplifier for Nextel and Vehicle Repeater for Nextel can be used with the above Nextel Antennas for increased performance.

Nextel Home/Building Antennas:

For building coverage systems we offer Building Repeater Kits for Nextel.

Specific Motorola antenna

Our online catalogue is extensive; we have a selection of Motorola specific products. If you are in the market for a Motorola antenna check our catalogue-our adapters will allow you to connect our Wilson antennas to your Motorola. We can clear the static on your phone with the use of the quality products we stock.

We are confident in the ability of our cell phone antennas to improve your cellular signal reception.