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T-Mobile US 3G Launch

T-Mobile recently launched 3G service in select areas of the United States.  Whereas T-Mobile’s EDGE network has operated on the 1900MHz PCS band, their new 3G service operations on the 1700MHz AWS band.

Most US carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, etc) operate their 3G service on the traditional cell-phone frequency bands (800/850MHz cellular and/or 1900MHz PCS).

Reception Enhancement:

Because T-Mobile US 3G operates on the 1700MHz AWS band you will need to ensure that antennas and amplifiers used support 1710-1755MHz (transmit) and 2110-2155MHz (receive).  Standard dual-band Cell/PCS only equipment does not support 1700MHz AWS.

At the current time we do not have any FCC approved repeaters or amplifiers supporting the 1700MHz AWS band however we do have a selection of portable, vehicle and building antennas:

Portable Antennas:

Vehicle Antennas:

Building Antennas:

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