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External Antennas, Adapter Cables, and Amplifiers for Smart Phones

If you are looking for a smart phone which supports an external antenna for vehicle, home or business you will find that the majority of smart phones do not support an external antenna. The good news is that there are a few that do support external antennas and it is becoming more common.

Currently, the most common smart phones supporting an external antenna are the:

For a simple solution for the above phones, all you will need is the appropriate external antenna adapter cable as well as a Wilson Cellular Dual-Band antenna. You can also add a Wilson Cellular Dual-Band Inline Amplifier (Booster) to increase your output power.

The most popular Wilson Cellular Dual-Band Antennas are the:

RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and other phones without an antenna port

Most, if not all, RIM BlackBerry phones and the Apple iPhone and iPhone 3G do not have antenna ports. In a situation like this, we have passive inductive antenna adapters available. For better performance, a power passive inductive solution like the Wilson Cellular SignalBoost can be used.

Need to improve signal for multiple phones or do you have poor building reception/coverage?

Consider using one of our wireless amplifier/repeater systems. We have options available for cars, trucks, RV's, home and business.

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