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wpsantennas WPS-600 Ultra Low Loss 1/2" Transmission Line Custom length and terminations

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Manufacturer Part No: LMR-600

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Custom length ultra low loss cables for longer cable runs. Custom made, allow 1 extra day for assembly. Non-returnable.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

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I am aware that this is a custom made coax cable and Non-returnable WPS-600 cable is an excellent choice for longer cable runs especially in building repeater systems due to its low loss characteristics. Our expert cable assemblies department will custom make the cable to to length and with the connectors you need. Just select the length of cable and connectors needed from the drop down boxes above and our highly skilled staff will ensure that we meet your custom requirements.

Because these cables are custom made to order, they are not returnable. Please double check your order for accuracy!

WPS-600 Custom Cables For:

  • Building Amplifier/Repeater Systems
  • Inside Enclosure or Cabinet Enclosure
  • External Antenna Cabling
  • Microwave Feeder Lines

Cable Type WPS-600
 Impedance (Ohms) 50
 Maximum Frequency 9.3 GHz
 VOP. 87%
 Peak Power (W) 40kW
 DC Breakdown Voltage NA
 DC Resistance (ctr/shld) Ohms 0.53/1.20
 Capacitance 23.4 pF/ft
 Inductance 0.058 uH/ft
 Outer Conductor Tape & TC Braid
 Inner Conductor Copper Clad Aluminum (Solid)
 Diameter Over Jacket 0.590 in.
 Min. Bending Radius 1.50 in.
 Bending Moment (ft lbs) 2.75
 Weight Per Foot 0.13 lb/ft
 Tensile Strength 350 Lbs.
 Flat Plate Crush Strength 60 lb/in
 Attenuation/100 @ 30 MHz 0.422 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 50 MHz 0.547 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 150 MHz 0.964 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 450 MHz 1.72 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 824 MHz 2.38 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 894 MHz 2.49 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 960 MHz 2.59 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 1700 MHz 3.57 dB
 Attenuation/100 @ 1920 MHz 3.82 dB
 Attenuation @ 2000 MHz 3.90 dB

wpsantennas WPS-600 Ultra Low Loss 1/2" Transmission Line Custom length and terminations