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Laird Connectivity WiMax Antennas

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 Laird Technologies WiMax Antennas

Laird Technologies' world class engineering teams utilize proprietary, state-of-the-art design tools to create antenna products that maximize total system performance and user satisfaction. Laird Technologies' base station, backhaul, fixed and mobile client, vehicular and in-building antennas consistently offer the industries best value proposition. The WiMax base station product line features antennas that easily meet ETSI's most stringent compliance standards while still being competitively priced.

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy using Laird Technologies base station sector antennas:

  • Maximum spectral efficiency
    • Ability to reutilize channels in the next over-adjacent sector antenna
  • Reduced crosstalk
  • Reduced interference, improved S/N ratio, improved C/I ratio
  • Most uniform energy distribution across the entire coverage area
    • Reduces system overhead compensation for nulls and hot spots in the coverage area
    • Offers highest quality of service (QOS) and subscriber satisfaction

Base station antennas typically feature maximum null fill to ensure client antennas see consistent gain close to the tower and extending out towards the horizon.

Laird Technologies worldwide engineering teams, using proprietary artificial intelligence antenna design software, create antenna designs with the tightest patterns and highest gain in the most compact package if custom designs are needed to meet a particular specification or application, the Laird Technologies global design teams are ready to assist you in meeting your specific requirements.

With Laird Technologies' proven expertise in high volume and low cost manufacturing, the product line exhibits a good value/performance ratio. Manufacturing sites located in North America, Asia and Europe offer global support and localized manufacturing to meet specific customer needs.

View the Laird Technologies Wi-Max Antenna Catalog (PDF)