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Digital Antenna cellular adapter cables are 3' in length and have Mini UHF/Male connectors allowing them to connect directly to Digital Antenna PowerMax Inline Amplifiers: DA4000 (800/1900MHz - North America) and DA4000E (900/1800MHz Europe/Asia), Multi-Cell Phone Combiners or Dash-Mount Cables.

The cell phone adapter cables that we sell are 18" with FME/Male connectors. Our cell phone adapter cables may be used in conjunction with the DAxxN adapter cable (18" FME/Female to Mini UHF/Male) to create the equivalent 3' Mini UHF/Male adapter.

The DAxxN adapter cable may be purchased separately or in conjunction with the appropriate FME/Male Adapter cable. DAxxN adapter cable & FME/Male antenna adapter cable combinations are listed below by their equivalent Digital Antenna Adapter Cable part number.