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External cell phone antenna information

Cellular Building AntennaIf you need a cellular building antenna, come to We have antennas that work great as a home cell phone antenna. In fact, some of the ones that work on your home will also work for other applications like semi trucks. You can get a dual-band and tri-mode antenna with 800 MHz & 1900MHz analog and digital. You can even get a cellular building antenna that does not require a ground plane because it has one built-in to the antenna. How do you learn all of this about these products? Easy. Simply click onto the product you're interested in and you can read a complete list of the features of that product. You are sure to be pleased with the amount of detail we provide to you so that you can make an informed decision.

Great idea: home cell phone antenna

Home Cell Phone AntennaGet that reception you get outside, inside. With a home cell phone antenna, you can get great reception inside your house. You are sure to enjoy sitting on your sofa chatting with your friends more than standing outside on the sidewalk. These are especially nice if you have decided to give up your landline and use only your cellular. This way, you won't miss calls because you are inside.

Get a cellular building antenna

Many sales positions give out their work cell number, but if they can't be reached on that line while they are at their desks, they may be losing a lead. If you have an office building that relies on cellular equipment, but your reception indoors is not as good as you would like, we can help you. Get an external cell phone antenna from our online store and help boost your indoor reception.