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Cellular Antennas and Amplifiers for EVDO Applications

EVDO (EV-DO, 1xEVDO) is a CDMA based high speed wireless data standard. EVDO is offered by many CDMA carriers in the US including Verizon Wireless (BroadbandAccess, V CAST), Sprint (PowerVision, Wireless Broadband), Alltel and Midwest Wireless.

EVDO uses the same frequency bands that cellular voice uses. These are the 800MHz cellular (824-896MHz), and 1900MHz PCS (1850MHz-1990MHz) bands. The specific band that you will be using is dependant upon which licenses a carrier has in your market. In our experience, Verizon has most current EVDO service located in the PCS band (where it has licenses.) All Sprint EVDO service is currently located in the PCS band as well.

Our Wilson Cellular inline (direct connect) cell phone amplifier, Digital Antenna DA4000 Direct Connect Signal Booster, and the majority of our antennas are dual-band which means that they support both the 800MHz Cellular and 1900MHz PCS frequency bands. offers EVDO cell phone antenna and amplifier solutions for:

  • Laptops with aircards, PDAs and cellular phones
  • Fixed and mobile solutions
  • Solutions for single or multiple phones/devices

Popular EVDO Antenna Choices (Single Device Solutions):

Note: All of our antennas require a cell phone adapter cable in order to connect to your EVDO aircard, cell phone or PDA/Smartphone.

For increased strength and range:

Using a Wilson Cellular Dual-Band Inline Amplifier (Booster) or Digital Antenna DA4000 Direct Connect Signal Booster with one of the above antennas will provide increased signal gain as well as higher transmit power.

Wireless Repeater Systems (Multiple Device Solutions):

EVDO PC/Data Cards with antenna ports:

Wilson Cellular Magnetic Mount
EVDO Cell Phone Antenna

EVDO PDA/SmartPhones with antenna ports:

ARC Wireless Freedom
EVDO Cell Phone Antenna

EVDO Cell Phones with antenna ports:

Wilson Cellular Dual-Band
Inline Cell Phone Amplifier

What our EVDO customers say:

Just finished mounting the External Antenna (301101 Trucker) you sold me for use with my Sprint EVDO card. Works like a champ. I went from 1 bar signal strength to 6 bars. You sold me exactly what I needed, no more, no less. Should our company have further antenna needs, rest assured, I'll point them in your direction.

Jeffrey H, Missouri

I received my Wilson order (from Wednesday and have our application running on the bench with the backup Truckers antenna mounted on a tripod. I went from non-usable signal (an occasional one bar) on my EVDO card to 93% signal strength using the Verizon supplied network statistics software. I believe this to be a great test as it would appear that the operational RF gain is in the linear range as opposed to saturation. This RF signal level improvement allows us to go forward with our project. Thanks for the help.

Joe M, Texas

Ordering Information:

Orders received by 2PM Central Time typically ship same day.