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Which Digital Antenna cell phone amplifier should I use?

Digital Antenna Inc is the world leader in marine and land antenna and cellular signal amplifier and repeater technology. Their award winning antennas and cellular amplifiers and repeaters extend the range of your Marine, RV, Car & Truck and Home & Office communications. Stay connected on land or at sea!


Choose the product that fits your application. Determine your application by deciding if your primary need is voice communication (cell phone) or data communication (computer). If your primary need is data communication, a direct connect (inline) amplifier will provide the best, most reliable connection possible.

The Digital Antenna brand cellular amplifier and repeater products below are dual-band 800/850 and 1900MHz and support all US cellular and PCS carriers and technologies. They are not compatible with iDEN (Nextel, SouthernLINC, Mike.) iDEN users should see the links on the bottom of the page.

More questions? See our Digital Antenna FAQ

Do you have an existing cellular signal to boost?

Existing cellular signal of -70 to -90dB (easily complete calls with few dropped calls) at the location of the outside antenna is required to use a repeater. If the cell signal outside is below -90dB and as low as -110dB (difficult to complete calls) a direct connect cell phone amplifier should be used. An amplifier or repeater cannot amplify a cell signal that is not present. A direct connect amplifier is recommended for use in areas where there is extremely low outside cellular signal or to enhance data and Internet connections. In addition, optional directional and higher gain antennas will give increased performance to your amplifier or repeater in low signal areas.

Should I use a direct connect amplifier or repeater? What is the difference?

Both amplifiers and repeaters boost cell phone signals up to 3 watts and will deliver similar benefits. A direct connect amplifier will provide a range of up to 50+ miles from a cell tower and supports a single phone/device. A wireless repeater offers a range of up to 30 miles from a cell tower and can support multiple phones/devices simultaneously.

How does a direct connect cell phone amplifier work?

Your cell phone is physically connected directly to the amplifier by an adapter cable. The amplifier then connects to an outside cell antenna. (Cell phone antennas and adapter cables are sold separately.)

How does a wireless cell phone repeater work?

An advantage of a wireless cell phone repeater is that no physical connection is required to your cell phone, however, a stronger outside cell signal (-70 to -90dB) is required and specific installation guidelines for outside and inside antenna must be followed. The outside antenna receives the signal from the cell tower, the signal is amplified by the cell phone repeater unit and repeater to your cell phone through the inside antenna. This technology also allows the user of multiple cell phones simultaneously. (Sold as complete systems.)


Recommendations are based upon achieving proper antenna separation when using cellular amplifier/repeater and outside signal strength of -70 to -90dB.

Separation Requirements:
Wireless amplifier/repeaters (all cell carriers except Nextel/iDEN):
  • DA4KMR-10A (40dB Gain): Requires 2' separation and metal automobile roof
  • 4KPR-15R (40dB Gain): Requires 10' separation
  • DA4KMR-30U (40dB Gain): Requires 20' and roof/wall structure
  • DA4KSBR-50U (60dB Gain): Requires 40' and roof/wall structure
  • 4KMR-30M (50dB, RV/Marine): Requires 12' and roof/wall structure
  • 4KSBR-50M (70dB, RV/Marine): Requires 25' and roof/wall structure

All amplifier/repeaters require the outside antenna to be installed outside of the structure (house, car, office, building, boat) and the inside antenna be installed inside of the structure. Wireless amplifier/repeaters can not be used with both antennas in open air (i.e. convertible car or open air.)

Direct Connect Amplifiers:
Recommendations by application type:

The above dual-band cell amplifiers and repeaters are for cellular and PCS carriers only. Compatible carriers include: Verizon, AT&T GSM/GPRS/TDMA, Cingular, Alltel, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile (850MHz, 1900MHz), Cellular One, US Cellular, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Qwest, Boost Mobile, etc.

Wilson Cellular Products for Nextel/iDEN Users: