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800MHz Cellular

Wireless cell phone signal boosters extend cellular service in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. In-building cell phone repeaters take the outside signal and broadcast the improved signal into your home, office, building or warehouse through an inside antenna. These wireless amplifier/repeaters support multiple cell phones, cellular data cards, and other cellular devices simultaneously.

The cell signal booster amplifiers reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access. The multi-mode amplifiers are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for use in buildings and mobile installations.

800MHz Cellular Bi-Directional Amplifiers/Repeaters and Kits

Cellular repeaters and kits support the 824-896MHz Cellular band. Dual-band cellular and PCS in-building repeaters also available.

Cellular Repeaters (Wireless)
  • Multi-device simultaneous signal improvement
  • Requires exterior building antenna (typically high gain directional cell antenna)
  • Requires interior in-building wireless antenna - many systems support multiple interior antennas
  • No physical connection to cell phone or cellular data card
  • Available stand alone for custom configuration or in plug-and-play kits
Signal Booster Frequency

Cell phone carriers operate on multiple frequencies depending upon carrier and location. Dual-band systems support most US carriers except for iDEN (Nextel, etc) and T-Mobile's 3G service. In come circumstances single band cellular or PCS is adequate. More information on cellular frequencies and determining what your carrier is using.

Need More Help?

If you would like help choosing the correct product or designing a custom system for your needs, please feel free to contact us. You may also complete an amplifier questionnaire (PDF).

Commercial Carrier Grade Wireless Cellular Repeater Systems (800MHz Cellular)
CSI carrier grade bi-directional in-building repeaters provide maximum wireless signal improvement in large commercial environments such as hospitals, conventer centers, campus' and more. Custom systems can be designed for your particular situation.