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Drivers need a cellular antenna

Cellular Antenna-TruckerAn external cell phone antenna is designed to be mounted on a car, truck, or even a building. With a cellular antenna the realm of your cellular phone expands amazingly. As a car or truck travels across the country it goes through large gaps of cellular coverage. These holes in service result in dropped calls, static laden calls, and even entirely missed calls. Wooded areas, hills or mountains, and weather can all affect a cellular signal. An antenna mounted to your vehicle will allow you to make and receive clear calls through areas of geographically and meteorologically squelched cellular coverage. An antenna enables you to transmit and receive a clearer cellular signal wherever you are.

We have cell phone antennas available for the following:

  • Passenger cars, vans, and SUV's
  • Commercial trucks and semis
  • Single family homes and apartments
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Water craft
  • Campers and motor homes
  • Utility trucks

For Nextel/iDEN users we can offer you a Nextel antenna specific for your frequency band.

Buildings need an external cell phone antenna

Building AntennaAll buildings can benefit from the installation of a cellular antenna or Nextel antenna. Buildings by their very construction block cell signals. An external cell phone antenna working with a repeater can boost the cellular signal to many cell phones wirelessly. Many industrial and commercial buildings are total cellular dead zones. Creating an antenna and amplification system within a building will allow all cell users in the building to get a strong signal and clear conversations. The professional electrical engineers on staff are here to help you determine what would best suit your business location or home. Contact us to discuss the remedy to your cell phone problems or browse through our catalogue to find your own solution.