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A cellular amplifier (cellular amp) improves clarity

Wireless Cellular AmplifierThe use of a cellular amplifier increases the range and power of your signal. If you have trouble with the clarity of calls in your place of business, your home, your automobile, camper, rv, truck, boat or anywhere else you use your cell phone we can help you remedy that problem. Call clarity will improve with the use of an amplifier. We offer a large selection of high performing products. We offer prompt service with most orders shipping same or next business day. Find the product in our online catalog that would best benefit your particular situation or contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our engineers can create a plan specifically for your phone or phones and your location.

Cell phone repeater extends service

Cell Phone BoosterA cell phone repeater collects, amplifies and re-broadcasts a cellular signal increasing the quality of your conversation. These amplifiers improve signal and voice quality. With a cellular amplifier the service range of your signal will be enhanced. Cell phone repeaters are commonly used to provide coverage inside a building where signal is weak, for example, inside of a metal building. A cell phone repeater is a wireless connection that can support several cellular phones or cellular data card simultaneously. Cell phone repeaters are available for Cellular, PCS, and iDEN (Nextel) frequencies. Dual-band cellular/PCS cell phone repeaters are also available. We have wireless and direct connection amplifiers for vehicles as well as buildings. We have a large selection of products to fit every need. Visit our online catalog.

Cell phone antenna booster information

A cell phone antenna booster augments the incoming and outgoing signals. These inline boosters can only be used with one phone at a time because it must be connected to the phone by an cell phone adapter cable. Individual adapter cords connect your phone to an FCC approved amplifier. An antenna booster will enlarge the signal range of your cell. Improved range means fewer dropped calls, clearer conversations and better signal strength. If you'd like your cell to more useable more often contact us or visit our catalogue to get the most out of your phone.