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Cell phone external antenna: health and signal information

There are many reasons you may want to get an external cellular antenna. Here are two of them:


Many people believe that the exposure to the radio waves are harmful to our health. In a car, the power output must increase in order to maintain communication while inside the metal cage. According to those concerned with microwave radiation, this means that there is more exposure when using your cell in the car. Hence, they recommend using a cell phone external antenna to keep it separate from the user.

Better Signal

At times it makes sense to use an external cellular antenna because it will enable you to receive a better signal so your conversation will continue uninterrupted. This is particularly important for business communication, but it is also important not to "drop" your friends while you are talking to them. Everyone knows how annoying it is to be "dropped" when you are in the middle of a good story or a potential business deal

More on the signal with an external cellular antenna

Cell use has increased dramatically and the prices for service plans have dropped. In fact, some small business owners now believe that it makes more sense to use a cell for their home office use. However, if you work inside your house and your signal is not very good, you risk dropping calls from very important clients or trying to talk over static - neither of which are very good scenarios.

Get a cell phone external antenna to help you get a better signal.