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Antenna Mounts/Parts

Listed below is our large selection of Cellular Antenna Replacement parts including Whips and Re-Mounts kits Cellular Antenna Mounts including NMO, wall and mirror mounts for RV, Semi-Truck, Marine, Passenger Car and Building applications.

While most antennas do not require an additional mount, the following antennas do:

  • Wilson Cellular Trucker mirror mount (301101): Antenna has a threaded base which can be screwed into a mount.
  • NMO Antennas: An NMO antenna is a simple whip that screws onto an NMO mount
  • Yagi Antenna: The Yagi mounts on a vertical pole approximately 1" to 1-1/2" in diameter.
  • Marine Antennas: The Marine antennas from Digital Antenna and Wilson Electronics require a 1" -14 mount

Mounts for Wilson Cellular Trucker
Various mounts and spring for Wilson Trucker (301101)
Mount surfaces for magnetic mount antennas
Metal plates and suction cup mounts to allow use of Wilson Cellular magnetic mount antennas on surfaces that do not provide a ground plane
Permanent and Magnetic NMO Mounts
Antenex and Wilson Cellular roof, trunk and magnetic mounts for NMO antennas. Variety of options and connectors available.
Replacement Parts
Replacement whips, double stick, etc
Various tools including hole saws for NMO mounts