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Cell Phone Adapter Cables

All Top Signal, wpsantennas, Wilson Cellular, Digital Antenna, Panorama-Antenna and ARC Wireless antennas require a phone adapter cable to connect to your phone. The benefit of this is that only the adapter cable is phone specific so when your upgrade your phone you will only need to get a new adapter cable, not a new antenna.

Our cell phone external adapter cables have an FME/Male connection to connect to FME/Female cellular antennas and amplifiers. If your cellular antenna or amplifier is not FME/Female you will require an additional adapter.  We do carry select adapters in SMA male, TNC female and TNC female bulkhead.  If you are interested in a custom cable assembly please contact us.

Can't find your phone/modem model? Then it is possible that your phone/modem is too new, doesn't have a usable antenna adapter port or work is in progress. View adapter status for information on cell phones not listed. Alternative options include our inductive coupler adapter or Wilson Sleek amplifier. For best performance, however, always use the adapter cable made specifically for your phone model if available.

More information about antenna adapters / phone adapter cables

Modem/Data Card Adapter Leads By Device Manufacturer
Data Card Adaptor Leads for 3G and 4G Modems. Various connectors available in both FME and SMA configurations. Custom Cables assembled daily!
Modem/Data Card Adapter Leads By Wireless Provider/Wireless Carrier
Adapter cable leads available for every applicable North American Carrier. Choose from Verizon, At&t, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers and Bell