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Laird Connectivity Phantom Elite Antennas

The exclusive low-profile stealth antenna with Patented Field Diversity technology etched on a circuit board. 

The Laird Connectivity unique patented Phantom Elite Antenna is a tough antenna for outdoor or indoor applications. The Phantom Elite Antenna's revolutionary design features field diversity with both vertical and horizontal polarization components. This gives the antenna diversity, frequency agility, low visibility, wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications.

The industry standard NMO mounting socket mates with all Laird Connectivity Magnetic, Trunk lid, and hole mounts. We also provide a threaded stud mount model for vandal resistant mounting on brackets, panels, ceilings or any other kind of housing.

The Phantom Elite Antenna's patented technology is beneficial when high performance is desired and extreme ruggedness and low profile is required.

  • Whipless Design: The patented whipless design of our Phantom antenna allows car washes without removing the antenna. Whipless means they don't look like antennas, attract less attention, less vandalism, and have lower wind resistance. The Phantom Antenna is also less susceptible to damage by trees, garages or other obstructions.
  • Field Diversity: Field diversity means that the antenna is simultaneously sensitive to both the electric and magnetic fields of the signal, like having two antennas. Field diversity makes the antenna resistant to the picket-fence fading and multipath nulls that are found in urban operation and undulating mobile environments.
  • Permanent Mounting: Permanent mount versions of the UHF and higher frequency models are available for high risk applications such as metering where antennas must resist vandalism and achieve economical mounting.
  • Versatile: Excellent for voice or telemetry applications.
Laird Connectivity Phantom Elite VHF Unity Models
Unity Gain VHF Models covering ranges between 142MHz and 225MHz
Laird Connectivity Phantom Elite UHF 3dB-MEG Models
3dB-MEG Gain UHF Models covering ranges between 410MHz and 512MHz
Laird Connectivity Phantom Elite 700MHz - 5.8GHz 3dB-MEG Models
3dB-MEG Gain UHF Models covering ranges between 746MHz - 6GHz
Laird Connectivity Phantom Elite Multi-Band 3dB-MEG Models
3dB-MEG Gain Dual-Band Cell/PCS models 821-896MHz & 1850-1990MHz