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Laird Connectivity Directional Yagi Antennas

Antenex / Laird Technologies Directional Yagi Antennas Feature:

  • 360 Degree Full Welded Gold Anodized models or value leader Silver Series available
  • Line up includes 3 element/7.1dBd gain to 18 element 14 dBd gain variations
  • Internal matching design will not ice up, detune, or corrode
  • VHF custom tuning available

Antenex Directional Yagi Antennas are custom made to order. Popular directional yagi antennas are stocked for immediate shipment, others generally are shipped in 1 week. Please contact us for availability and options to expedite your order if necessary.


Laird Connectivity Fully Welded Gold Series Directional Yagis
Fully welded Laird Connectivity Yagi antenna features 360-degree welds around each element and is fully gold anodized for corrosion resistance
Laird Connectivity Silver Series Directional Yagis
Lower cost, yet very high durability Laird Connectivity Silver Series Yagi
Laird Connectivity Enclosed 2.4GHz to 4.9GHz Yagis
Completely sealed and strong enough for outdoor use
Laird Connectivity Directional Yagi Accessories
Includes replacement mounting kits, antennas masts and other accessories