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Laird Connectivity Dipole Array Antennas

Antenex/Laird Technologies Dipole Array Antennas

  • Custom pattern performance at installation
  • 360 degree welds around each element to boom joints on UHF models eliminates pattern degradation and maintains dimensional stability
  • Nickel Plated brass N female connector provide durability and performance

If purchasing a product with the part number containing *** you will be contacted by a Customer Representative to verify frequency needed

2 Bay Dipole Arrays
Antenex (Laird Technologies) 2 Bay Dipole Arrays
4 Bay Dipole Arrays
Antenex (Laird Technologies) 4 Bay Dipole Arrays
Single or Replacement Dipoles
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Single or Replacement Dipoles
Dipole Array Accessories
Self fusing Mocap silicone tape
Power Dividers / Stacking Harnesses
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Replacement Power Dividers / Stacking Harnesses