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Laird Antennas

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures antenna and accessory products to exacting electrical and mechanical specifications for critical applications in Aerospace, Automotive Electronics, Computers, Data Communications, Defense, Public Safety, Telecommunications, Transportation, Satellite, and Medical communications.

Laird Technologies offers a catalog of top quality mobile, portable and base antenna products which utilize their latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration. These products are widely used in wireless voice & data, security, military, asset tracking, two-way radio, public safety, and other mission critical applications. Many of their patented technologies offer solutions unavailable from other antenna manufacturers.

Laird Antennas: Feature rich, made of the highest grade materials and the finest craftsmanship - Made in the USA

The Laird Technologies product portfolio consists of thousands of antennas, mounts, and accessories. Additionally, most products can be customized for your particular application. We maintain a large inventory of the most popular Laird Technologies products and order daily to ensure that you get your product fast. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Laird Technologies antenna brands are know formerly as  Antenex, Centurion, Cushcraft, PAC Wireless and RecepTec.

Laird Technologies Phantom Antennas
Patented whipless performance with true field diversity. 3dB MEG gain outperforms a 3dB whip in many applications
Laird Technologies Phantom Elite Antennas
Patented whipless performance with true field diversity in a low stealth package. 3dB MEG gain outperforms a 3dB whip in many applications
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Mobile Load Coil Antennas
Land Mobile Radio Antennas (Lowband, VHF, UHF, 700-900MHz, Wideband) Mobile Load Coal Antennas
Antenex (Laird Technologies) A-Base Antennas
Rugged quarterwave, collinear or broad band options
Antenex (Laird Technologies) UHF/VHF Dual Band & Special Application Antennas
Antenex/Laird Technologies Dual-Band VHF/UHF antennas, VHF/UHF disguise antennas and receive only scanner antennas
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Quarterwave Antennas
Unity gain and 3dB models in stainless or black finish
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Fiberglass Omnidirectional Antennas
Antenex/Laird Technologies omnidirectional fiberglass antennas including VHF to 2.4GHz models
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Antennas
Heavy duty VHF and UHF fiberglass antennas
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Voyager Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas
Economical Voyager omnidirectional unity gain. Ideal for light duty VHF and UHF applications. Field tunable.
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Directional Yagi Antennas
Antenex/Laird Technologies directional yagi antennas including Fully Welded Gold Anodized and value leader Silver Series models
Laird Technologies GPS/Telematics Antennas
Monitor location with GPS antenna models available in NMO, magnetic and trunk mount options
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Centurion Tuf Duck Portable Two-Way Antennas
Portable two-way radio antennas: Low band, VHF, UHF, Trunking, SMR and 2.4GHz models
Laird Technologies Infrastructure/IBW (In Building Wireless) Antennas
In building wireless antennas for Cellular, PCS, DCS, GSM, Wi-Fi and more
Laird Technologies WiMax Antennas
WiMax Basestation, Backhaul, Client, In-Building and Vehicular Antenna
Laird Technologies - Other Antennas, etc
Other antennas and items from Antenex, Centurion and Laird Technologies
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Permanent Hole Mounts
3/4" & 3/8" Standard, Thick and Alternative NMO Mounts
Laird Technologies Elevated Feed Antennas
Laird Technologies elevated feed antenna with heavy-duty spring. No ground plane required
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Magnetic Mounts
Magnetic bases for NMO mount antennas
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Mobile Mount Kits and Brackets
Includes mirror mount and trunk groove models
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Mobile Accessories
Ferrule set screws, o-rings gaskets, black body hole plugs, quarterwave field tunable balls, brass nuts, quarterwave nuts, quarterwave rain caps, springs, SpringGuard, Blackhawk Noise Suppressors and more
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Cables and Connectors
Bulk cable, precision cable assemblies, crimp tools, etc
Antenex (Laird Technologies) Popular Antenna Selections
Selection of popular Antenex (Laird Tech) antennas by frequency band