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Amplifiers - SureCall is a SureCall Cellphone-Mate Master Dealer/Distributor. We are a Stocking Dealer so rest assured that your order will ship from our Rochester Minnesota location*.  Orders received by 2 PM Central time ship the same day. In the event you have an emergency situation please contact us for shipping options beyond what is listed on our ecommerce website as we have the ability to ship beyond our closing time for Hot orders.  
Our central U.S.A. location in Rochester Minnesota gives us a shipping advantage as ground package service from UPS covers a majority of the country with 2-3 day service.  We also offer LTE freight shipping on larger orders and gladly accept our customers' shipping account numbers for bill to receiver and third party billing if necessary.
Cellphone-Mate's line of SureCall Amplifiers and Repeaters are made in China with the design and distribution here in the USA.  SureCall cellular boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and reduced data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals.

SureCall's powerful bidirectional cellular amplifiers provide the highest receiver sensitivity in the industry and protect cell sites by preventing oscillation and overload. SureCall also produces efficient cellular antennas in a wide range of designs (omni, Yagi, panel) for interior and exterior mounting in buildings, cars, trucks, RVs and boats.

SureCall cellular improvement products are available as plug-and-play kits, or you can custom configure your own cellular repeater for your unique application by choosing specific SureCall cellular amplifiers, cellular antennas and cellular accessories from

How SureCall Cellular Antennas Outperform the Competition

Up to 90% of a cell phone's power on transmit and receive is absorbed within a car or truck and the users head. We solve this problem by channeling all the power from the cell phone to the outside antenna. This results in our dual band antennas transmitting and receiving over 10 times the signal of a cell phone used inside a car / truck without an outside antenna.

Our Cellular Antennas require an cell phone adapter cable for use
Need Maximum Range & Power? Add a powered SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster
Adding an Inline Cellular Booster/Amplifier to your Cellular Antenna/Adapter purchase increases the strength of the incoming signal and boosts your output power up to a maximum of 3 Watts.
**In rare occasions due to quantity or supply issues your order may ship from a different location. 

Vehicle Boosters - SureCall
SureCall mobile cell phone booster kits are designed for use in personal car and commercial auto fleet applications. Ideal for personal autos and fleet vehicles which require constant cellular communication.
Residential Boosters - SureCall
The SureCall cellular booster kits with adjustable dials allows you to optimize cellular coverage in your home or in your office where reception is weak due to topography, building materials or structural design.
Pre-Authorized Commercial Repeater Systems - SureCall
The Pre-Authorized Solutions do not require Carrier Pre-Approval prior to deployment therefore speeding up and simplifying the entire process.
LTE 700 MHz At&t Repeater  Kits
At&t LTE 700 Mhz Repeater Kits.
T-Mobile Repeater Kits - SureCall
Canadian and T-Mobile USA AWS 1700-2100 MHz Repeater units and Full Kits. Designed to enhance T-Mobile 4G.
LTE Verizon 700 Mhz Repeater Units and Full Kits
Verizon 700 Mhz LTE wireless building repeater units and full kits.
M2M Inline Direct Connection Boosters - SureCall
Inline direct connection dual band cellular and PCS amplifiers designed for machine to machine M2M and used with devices that have RF antenna ports and adapters.

Many companies promote their product advantages, using words like “quality” and “cost-effective,” but it’s rare to find both in the same sentence that can be used for one company's products.

Fortunately, Cellphone-Mate can truthfully make that rare claim combining both high quality and cost-effective design---and passing those qualities on to consumers and end users, whether it’s for mobile, home, in-building, LTE/4G, M2M (machine-to-machine) or direct connect applications for cellular boosters and amplifiers.

There are distinct reasons which make SureCall cell phone amplifiers/boosters and accessories (including cellular antenna,cables...) are better than any other in their arena.
The outer casing—All SureCall cell phone boosters and amplifiers are built with metal shells surrounding the inner workings. While they make look nice, beware of cellular amplifiers in plastic cases. Metal is much better at dissipating heat, an important element in cell booster functionality. Obviously, metal is more durable than plastic, so SureCall amplifiers metal casings provide a dual advantage to plastic cased competitive models.
Inside the amp---SureCall cell phone ampifiers/boosters are built using compartmentalized and linear design. We could go in to details, but suffice to say, we design our amps using these proven methods to provide users the best cellular reception with the least amount of oscillation and most power.
Amplifiers that do not use these design elements may provide the same decibels, or dBs, which is the easiest way to gauge an amplifier’s power. Amplifiers built without these elements, however, may work great boosting one cellular call, but they quickly lose power when two or more simultaneous calls are being made or received using these lesser quality amplifiers.
The other advantage of compartmentalized and linear-designed amplifiers is that they do not create oscillation, or noise, to the cellular towers.  Amplifiers built without these design safeguards are less effective and have a greater tendency to reduce reception clarity and carry that noise to the cellular towers---which the carriers, like Verizon and AT&T, T-mobile do not like.

Adjustable Gain -- One of the main advantages that SureCall can safely claim is first-to-market innovation. Cellphone-Mate was the first company to manufacture cellular signal amplifiers with adjustable dB gain. Because cellular or wireless technology is not as stable as cable technology, there are a variety of factors that can affect cellular and data reception success. Providing amplifiers with adjustable dB gain is just another way Cellphone-Mate ensures its products and their users will receive the best, most enhanced cellular reception on the market.

LTE/4G--The foreseeable future of mobile technology is the ability to upload and download data with your 4G cell phone/smart phone. Cellphone-Mate was the first booster company to develop 4G specific boosters for Verizon LTE, AT&T LTE, T-Mobile AWS and Sprint WiMax.

Cellphone-Mate was also the first to develop the self-contained 5-band amplifier, the Force-5, with dual-band frequencies for 2G through 3G and LTE and AWS for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile 4G. At one-fifth the cost and a fraction of the size of the next closest competitive model, it puts a cost-effective, all-in-one solution in the hands of medium-sized businesses, as well as the largest buildings and corporate campuses.

With the Fusion-5, introduced in December 2012, Cellphone-Mate has developed a five-band amplifier that even small businesses and larger homes can afford to enhance voice and data cellular service and takes cost-effective cellular amplification to the next level.

Cellphone-Mate will continue to upgrade and innovate with its SureCall products for M2M, remote data monitoring, vehicles or in-building applications. It's what helped establish our reputation to begin with and which will enable our further success in the future.