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Cell Phone Adapter Cable Status

All of the Cellular/PCS/AWS/LTE antennas offered by including Top Signal, wpsantennas, Laird, Wilson Cellular, Digital Antenna, Cellular Specialties and ARC Wireless require a cell phone antenna adapter cable to connect to your cell phone. Cell phone antenna adapter cables are available for most phones and can be found here.

If you do not find your phone listed, it is possible that your phone has no usable port, that the port is weak/fragile, or that an adapter is in progress. The list below indicates any known status for adapters not listed in our catalog.

If you can not find your cell phone's antenna adapter cable in our catalog or in the list below then most likely it is not yet known if/when a cell phone antenna adapter cable will be available.

What can you do if there is no antenna adapter available for your phone?
Designed for cell phone which have internal antennas and no external antenna port.
The SignalBoost is a type of inline amplifier that does not require your cell phone to have an antenna port, instead, a passive adapter is attached using velcro to the phone near the phone's antenna.

We have a variety of dual-band cellular/PCS wireless repeater systems available depending upon your application (home, office, vehicle, RV/Marine). We also have single band 800MHz Cellular, single band 1900MHz PCS and 800MHz iDEN systems as well.

Information on Status:

As a general rule, if the status indicated is weak port, no adapter available, no usable port or no port then no adapter is expected to become available.

If the status indicated is pending then adapter work is in progress but no ETA is available. Pending status does not guarantee that an adapter will become available, only that work is in progress.

  • CDM 8410, 8450, 8600, 8610, 8900, 8910, PM 8920, 8930, 9900, VI600: Weak port on phone
  • UTStarcom Mini 8935: No Port
  • UTStarcom Coupe 8630: Port located under Battery (non usable)
  • Super Slice / CDM-1450, Slice / PCS-1400 : Port on back. No adapter in production.
  • Touch Cruise (Polaris): No usable port
  • CF888: Pending
  • SE44, SE47, Slider: Weak port on phone
  • Kyocera E2000, Kyocera S1000 / K126c, Wild Card / Lingo / M1000 Port on back. No adapter in production.
  • 4500: No adapter available
  • 5350, 5450: No adapter available
  • 9100, F9100, VX3300: Call Wilson Tech Support (866) 294-1660
  • A7110: Pending
  • VI 235, 5225: No adapter available
  • VX-5400: No usable port
  • CB-630 Invision: No usable port
  • LX-400 - port under battery - no access
  • AX-155 - port under battery - no access
  • C331, C332, C333, C341, C343, C353, T300P: Call Wilson Tech Support (866) 294-1660
  • MPX 200: No port
  • V80: No port
  • V186, V220: No usable port
  • ZINE ZN5 - no accessible port
  • ROKR E8 - no accessible port
  • V950 - no usable port (under housing)
  • i285: No port available
  • i605: Weak Port
  • i8xx: No port available
  • i576 - no accessible port
  • i776 - no accessible port
  • Centro 685, 690: Port on back. Now Available!! WA-1037
  • A880, E335, i Series, P777: Pending
  • E316, E317: No adapter available
  • Rugby, SGH-A837: No usable port
  • SGH-X497, PM-A840: No adapter available, no port
  • SGH-S105: Weak port - we do not sell adapter for that phone
  • U310 Knack - under battery - no access
  • M540 - Rant - under battery - no access
  • M630 - Highnote - under battery - no access
  • M220- under battery - no access
  • M320- under battery - no access
  • SGH-T229 - under battery - no access
  • C61, SL56: No adapter available
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