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WA-1049 -Universal Inductive Coupler Phone Cradle (with FME Male Antenna Connection)

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UPC : WA-1049
Manufacturer Part No: WA-1049
Universal Cradle with antenna coupler connection offers all the convenience features of the standard cradle with the added benefit of a built-in cell phone signal antenna/coupler (FME/Male)

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

The WA-1049 Cell Phone Cradle is a lightweight,versatile product that enables you to place your cell phone in a convenient location in your vehicle and use it with a hands-free device such as an ear bud or Bluetooth product. Doing so lets you keep both hands on the wheel, thereby maintaining your safety while allowing you to carry on a cell phone conversation. The WA-1049 Cell Phone Cradle has the added benefit of a built-in cell phone signal antenna/coupler. Used in conjunction with one of Wilson's cellular amplifiers, the Cradle can improve your cellular signal up to 10 times and help you stay connected in places you never could before!

With adjustable arms and feet, the WA-1049 Phone Cradle holds virtually any cell phone on the market and does not obstruct access to phone controls or connections. The push button release function enables you to quickly and easily remove the phone from the cradle when you leave the vehicle.The cradle comes with mounting brackets for installation on the console or dashboard.

Here's how the amplifier/Cradle system works: A Wilson antenna mounted on the outside of your vehicle communicates with the cell site, and the built-in cradle antenna/coupler communicates with your cell phone. The outside antenna collects weak cellular signals and sends them to the amplifier.The amplifier boosts those signals and sends them through the cradle antenna/coupler, significantly improving the performance of your cell phone or laptop data card. The WA-1049 works with Wilson Mobile Wireless andSIGNALBOOST amplifiers.

Note: In order to maintain improved signal, your phone must be left in cradle during usage (i.e. you must use a headset or hands free car kit.)


  • Works with Wilson Mobile Wireless or SIGNALBOOST amplifiers (sold separately) to boost your signal up to 10 times that of most cell phones
  • Compatible with all cell phones
  • Increases driver safety
  • Supports any hands-free device, including ear-buds and Bluetooth products
  • Adjustable to fit any size cell phone
  • Includes  mount bracket: adhesive/screw swivel bracket,
  • Installs in minutes


Part NumberWA-1049
Frequency Range824-960MHz
Impedance50 ohms
Coax Cable7.5' RG-174

NOTICE TO DRIVERS IN CALIFORNIA AND MINNESOTA: State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from using suction mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. Other dashboard or friction mounting options should be used. does not take any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of disregarding this notice. (See California Vehicle Code Section 26708(a); Minnesota Statutes 2005, Section 169.71)

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WA-1049 -Universal Inductive Coupler Phone Cradle (with FME Male Antenna Connection)