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VERIZON NOVATEL T1114 4G LTE ROUTER External Antenna Kit

Your Price: $83.95
UPC : T1114 Directional
Manufacturer Part No: T1114 Directional
High gain, directional Wide Multi band cell phone antenna kit. Includes 30' WPS-240 N Male to SMA Male for Novatel T1114 Verizon LTE Router.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

The Novatel T1114 Directional Antenna Kit has been created to solve poor signal problems with the Verizon T1114 LTE Router.  This LTE Router Antenna Kit consists of a 30' Low Loss WPS-240 Cable Terminated with N Male and SMA Male, and an 11db Directional antenna.  

In testing, expernenced a 10-15 db gain compared to using the unit with no antenna attached.  Speeds and latency also improved by 50%.

  • High-gain
  • Directional
  • Pipe mounting hardware included
  • Easy to install
  • Weather resistant
  • Wide bandwidth


  • External Antenna for LTE routers with SMA antenna port. 

Requires (not included):

  • Pole Mount (often found locally)

  • External wide band log periodic yagi antenna
  • 30' WPS-240 Coax Cable N Male to SMA Male (no adapters needed)
Connect Antenna Cable to lower SMA port (For LTE Data)

Top Port is for CDMA Voice Service (two kits would be required if both voice and data signal enhancement is desired).


Part NumberTS220971
Frequency Range698MHz-2700MHz
Antenna Gain
7.5 dBi (698-800MHz)
8.1 dBi (824-894MHz)
7.4 dBi (880-960MHz)
9.2 dBi (1710-1880MHz)
10.6 dBi (1850-1990MHz)
10.4 dBi (2110-2700MHz)
Horizontal Beamwidth70 to 90 Degrees
Vertical Beamwidth50 to 65 Degrees
F/B ratio>20 dB
Nominal Impedance50 Ohms
Maximum Power100 Watts
ConnectorN Female
Dimensions11.42" x 8.27" x 2.56" Inches
Weight3.31 lbs
Temperature Range-40 to 158 degrees F
Rated Wind Velocity134 MPH
Lightning ProtectionDC Grounded
MountPole (2" Max) with included
pole mount hardware

B00RLRA5T6, LA-9UUH-5QM8, 

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VERIZON NOVATEL T1114 4G LTE ROUTER External Antenna Kit