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MEFC2427HF - PCTEL 2.4-2.7 GHz 5dBi NMO Mount Elevated Feed Mobile Data Antenna

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Manufacturer: PCTEL, MaxRad
Manufacturer Part No: MEFC2427HF
5 dBi Gain, No Ground Plane Elevated Feed, Cellular/PCS Dual Band Antenna. NMO mount sold separately

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Elevated feed mobile antennas are designed for installations requiring elevation of the antenna over surrounding objects that could prevent true omnidirectional coverage. They are ideal for public safety vehicles with ovverhead light bars that often obstruct the RF signal. They are designed to operate both on and off a ground plane with degredation in VSWR performance.


  • Feed point is elevated above its mounting surface, easily clearing the overhead light bars in police and ambulance vehicles wich often obstruct the RF signal
  • Quiet, closed coil trilinear rod
  • Excellent VSWR performance on or off a ground plane
  • Rugged molded polymer elevated feed housing and stainless steel spring and rod for maximum resistance to every day wear and tear


  • Phone Adapter Cable: The MEFC2427HF requires a phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone


Part NumberMEFC2427HF
Frequency Range2.4-2.7GHz
Nominal Impedance50 Ohms
Gain5 dBi
Maximum Power10 watts
Return Loss< 10 dB
Radiator Material0.100" OD stainless steel
Horizontal Beamwidth
@1/2 Power
360 degrees
Vertical Beamwidth
@1/2 Power
26 degrees
Ground PlaneElevated Feed: No Ground Plane Required
Weight0.5 lbs
MountNMO Mount Types (Sold Separately)
Trunk Mount (14' Coax)
3/8" Hole - Roof Mount (14' Coax)
3/4" Hole - Roof Mount (14' Coax)

Also known as: Cellular Antenna, Cellular Antennas, Cell Antenna, Cell Antennas, Cell Phone Antenna, Cell Phone Antennas, Antenna Specialist Antenna, PCTEL Antenna, Home Cellular Antenna, Trucker Cellular Antenna, Cellular Trucker Antenna, Roof Mount Trucker Antenna.

MEFC2427HF - PCTEL 2.4-2.7 GHz 5dBi NMO Mount Elevated Feed Mobile Data Antenna