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Femtocell MicroCell Antennas

A Femtocell operates similar to a mini cellular tower inside your home or small business. It connects to your network provider via your existing broadband internet service. Femtocells are now offered by most major US carries including the AT&T 3G MicroCell, Sprint Airwave, T-Mobile HotSpot @Home and Verizon Network Extenders.

Currently in order for a femtocell to work it needs to be able to receive a GPS Signal. This means it needs to be in a top level of the building or within a few feet of a window. Because the femotocell covers in a 360 degree radius placing it near a window may not cover your home/office as well as it could. With this in mind is currently looking to expand its offering of compatible GPS antennas that will allow you to have an antenna on the rooftop or near a window with a cable running to your femtocell. This will give you the ability to centrally locate your femtocell giving you the maximum coverage area possible.

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GPSM15GSMA - Antenex/Laird Micro GPS Antenna with SMA connector
Laird Magnetic Micro GPS Antenna for At&t Microcell
Your Price: $71.61
Laird Magnetic Micro GPS Antenna for At&t Microcell
Micro GPS Antenna provides compact, waterproof solution