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Testimonials: What Our Customers Have Said:

Thank you for the prompt and professional service. I received my order quickly, and was well-informed as to its status along the way. The order was well-packaged, in perfect condition, and was exactly what I ordered. I appreciate your attention to detail and follow-through. No small matter [!] with web-based vendors. And thank you for the straightforward and efficient solution to my cel and modem needs. I shall recommend your company/equipment to my fellow rural residents. Eric

Just a quick note to say that the zBoost 800/1900 MHz dual band (YX-510 PCS-CELL) has solved our cell phone reception problems at our house in Colorado! Thank you for working with us. This product was the third try to solve the problem and it has worked. (There is an old saying: "The third time's the charm.") Now we will have to see if we have reception at our cabin in MN. We hear a new tower is going up and we are expected to get better reception. If not, you'll be hearing from us again. Denis, Colorado

I have a lake cabin near Bolivar TN. I got no bars on my 2-yr-old internal aircard on my Lenovo T60. Switched to a Verizon 175 (white) usb aircard and got very spotty zero to 1 bar reception—occasionally could do emails but unreliable. The WPS tech (who, by the way, was very helpful and spent time with me on the phone with my novice questions) wasn’t sure the Arc (Arc freedom desktop antenna) would be sufficient for me and that I might need upgrade to the truckers antenna (Wilson 301101) or even the yagi (MB825 dual band yagi) on the roof, but to try the Arc first, then upgrade if it didn’t work. So I bought the Arc and plugged it in to the aircard (with the fme antenna adaptor(WA-1033)). I’m getting a rock-solid 2 bars everywhere in my cabin or outside. It’s getting broadband reception without hiccups. It is perfect for emails and even for surfing net and amazingly even for streaming video. For around $45 plus the $8 adaptor cable (plus, WPS allowed me the option to return it if it didn’t work!), you can’t beat this thing.

Jeff, Tennessee

I wanted to personally thank you for your technical skill and product recommendation to help me drastically improve my cell phone reception from one of those "dead areas." It would do the local cell phone promoters good to have your expertise and access to products like the Yagi antenna. Between you and Wilson Electronics teaching me how to do a field test and install the Yagi you have taken away my frustration and greatly enhanced communication for myself, family and church. When I was a com repair man in the Marine Corps, Company B's motto was, "The Key to Victory in Battle is Effective Communications." My cell phone is now an effective tool.

I also thought you would like to know my field test stats from the day, June 9th, 2003 when I installed my antenna. My phone, not being hooked to any external antenna, jumped around from -99 to -105 - basically I could not hold an unbroken conversation. Using a 4dB roof mounted car antenna in my office window I could improve to about -95. I could talk, but many times I would lose contact, or my speech would be garbled. Most of the time I could hear fine but my transmission would be broken. With the Yagi attached to the parsonage roof TV antenna pole and pointed towards a tower by Truman, MN we were able to get down to a signal that bounced between -79 and -81. My phone registered full tower strength on its indicator which has never happened in the year that I have been using a cell phone here.

John S, Minnesota

Just wanted to let you know everything worked great. Within a few days I had the antenna (Nextel repeater system) up and running and now all I hear on the warehouse floor is the clicking nextels. Makes our work so much more efficient. If I had known it was going to be this easy I would have done it 9 months ago, Nextel wanted 10K to provide us with service we already pay for.


George A, New Jersey

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to compliment you on your service, and your product. We have several cell phones that need to be used inside the plant. Before I installed your antenna’s I could maybe get one bar at any given spot in the plant or the office (normally it was no service). Since the installation the worst I have seen is three bars and the norm is now 5.

Companies that deliver what they promise are becoming all too rare, so I wanted to thank you from all of us for supplying a product that does what you said it would.

Have a great day,

Todd F, IA

Dear WPS Antennas:

Just a note to say how WELL your repeater kit (DA4KSBR-50U Dual-Band Repeater Kit) works at my home. Previously I had to stand in the front yard to use my cell phone. After installation, the cell phone works extremely well throughout my home.

The kit arrived on time and was very well packaged. Installation was reasonably easy and straight forward.


Charles Y, TX

Hola, Matt!

Just wanted to let you know that the antenna and adapter arrived yesterday. We did as you suggested, and placed the magnetic antenna on a metal plate and for the first time since having this phone called our son's family in Florida. We live in an area surrounded by mountains and about two miles from the Mexican border. This was the first time we could use our cell phone from home. It was cracking or breaking up. I really do appreciate your service and your assistance. Thank you soooooo much!

udy L, Arizona

Dear Customer Service,

I wanted to drop a note of thanks for recommending the ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Cell Phone Antenna. My husband and I have Cingular cell phone service and also have the Option GT MAX 3.6 broadband card for our home notebook computer. We also travel in a large motor home and take the computer with us. We live right on the boundary of Cingular's broadband service in the Harrisburg, PA region and had poor to no broadband signal reception in our home.

After speaking with your most helpful customer service department, I purchased the ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Cell Phone Antenna. Our download rates have improved from around 150 kbs at a -101 dBm signal strength to an average of about 650 kbs at -85 dBm. We are very pleased, to say the least. We also couldn't get the broadband signal inside our home, only outside on our deck. The ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Cell Phone Antenna brought the broadband signal inside our home.

I fashioned a waterproof pouch for the antenna and have hung it on the outside of the window, increasing our speeds even further. I don't know that the antenna is weatherproof, but I'm willing to find out!

I was doubtful the product would perform as well as the customer service representative related, but it's exceeded all our expectations.

Nancy M L

I want to tell you that I received the antenna and booster faster than expected. The items were well packaged and after installation I found a significant increase in my signal reception.


Bill D, TX

Hi Folks,

I purchased the ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Cell Phone Antenna from you a few weeks ago.

This little thing works GREAT. It's I bought one and have used it in my home BASEMENT and in the interior offices for lengthy conference calls. 2-3 bars solid. Never dropped a call. A colleague bought one last week and he is thrilled. He had zero bars at his home and now he has a solid 3 bars. He uses it in his office, on the desktop. We're in a 4 story modern suburban office building and don't have a repeater in this building. Best of all, the device is passive, so it's easy to lug anywhere, even in your pocket or purse.

My wife doesn't like it because she likes to walk around and do things - I told her to stuff it in her hip pocket, but no-go, oh well; works for me, her loss!

We are in the metro Boston area and my colleague is in southern New Hampshire. I know you recommended the 3 foot trucker antenna, just because you could reliably stand behind it. However, I took the chance. I would recommend it to anyone who is in a metro area where there are still queer pockets of zero signal. Many people, curiously, cannot use their phones in their homes, but can do just fine in the neighborhood streets. I think there's a great little niche here.

The only thing a little tough is how easily the (particular phone adapter cable) connector slips off. I know you’ve tried to address that with Velcro and I appreciate that. Luckily, the Velcro doesn’t interfere with the hip holster or the battery charger. I hope someday the manufacturers come up with a more secure connector for mobile devices. (NOTE: On many adapters that have prongs, you can often gently squeeze the prongs closer together for a snugger fit.)

Thanks again.

Bill T, NH

We installed the antenna (DA4KSBR-50U Dual-Band Repeater Kit) today. I was a little nervous that perhaps I had just thrown away $700. However, the second I plugged it in, my phone went from 0 bars to 4 bars of signal strength. With some fine-tuning of the pick-up antenna, I may be able to get 5 bars. A very well spent $700 !!!!!

Thank you for your quick replies to e-mail, quick shipment, and (most importantly) a great product.

Brent M, GA

Finally a product that does what it says it will. The ARC-00002 (ARC Wireless Freedom) cell phone antenna works. I live in the mountains of east Tennessee was missing 8 of 10 calls at home but not any more - 100% Satisfied. Buy it you won't regret it - this works.

Jim M, TN

I received the antenna and parts last week. Had my crew install it and run all the cables. Before installing, sitting in my server room, which is dead center of the building away from windows, I had NO signal. Using the blackberry handheld you can see the DB level of signal and it was reading -103 or so. Zero signal. After installation of the antenna, I have a reading of -59 full bars and we can use phones everywhere in the building! I get better signal inside than outside. I wanted to thank you for the quote and fast service. The install went flawless except for after setting up the antenna and pointing it at the nearest tower, we had TOO much signal and had to point the antenna off to the side. It works great and I am recommending this system to everyone I know.

Ken J, Georgia

The addition of the 3rd antenna location (3rd interior antenna for a repeater system) was a success! We are very pleased with the product and support that we have received from your company. Congratulations on a great product and staff! It feels good when a plan goes as smooth as this project did. Again thank you for your help and support.

Charlie K, New York

I just received your trucker special. Let me first say that I live in the sticks. No service where I am typing this from. I tied the antenna to a tree above the house. I have full bars! My sister first asked if the antenna came. When I said I am talking to you from the desk, she said, "In the house on the cell?" Everyone who I've called tonight thinks I'm on a land line. I just had my long distance phone turned off. The best part is your product costs as much as one month of phone service here, including shipping. I just saved $75 a month. I'm glad Radio Shack said to look online for an antenna.

I wish I knew you sold these years ago. I had to climb on the roof to make a call or drive a half mile up the road and do the "can you hear me dance." It isn't fun when the snow flies. I'll be in touch when I get a new model phone.

Sgt Ken S


Have the VZ v620 Novatel card that I am using with a desktop at my office (w/a PCMCIA adapter) for broadband access. Even though I could connect, it would typically show 0% service. Some days, not sure what the issue was (ie. weather, etc), I would have repeated drops of internet link, which would be pretty irritating, and in my business, potentially costly. I went and bought the ARCWireless Freedom antenna, and now service is consistently at 70%, with NO droppage. I use it for real-time market trading applications and execution times seem greatly enhanced. $60 for such vast improvement is a it.

Thanks wps,

Rob DB, CA

Just finished mounting the External Antenna (301101 Trucker) you sold me for use with my Sprint EVDO card. Works like a champ. I went from 1 bar signal strength to 6 bars. You sold me exactly what I needed, no more, no less. Should our company have further antenna needs, rest assured, I'll point them in your direction.

Jeffrey H, Missouri has once again shipped the same day I ordered and communicated this to me by email in a very timely fashion. I am already a repeat customer so I should come to expect this from but when I shop elsewhere for stuff other than cellular stuff I don't get this kind of service. I hope you guys stay around for years to come and so long as your at the same website I will be coming back time and time again.....

Thank You guys for the outstanding service once again

Chris C, Oklahoma

I just wanted to thank you for the great products and the great service. I received my items exactly when you said I would receive them. Also, after three years of not being able to use my cell phone where I know live, I am able to get four bars......not one, but four bars. The only reason I kept the phone was that I could use it when I was driving somewhere. Now I can use it in my home as well.

Thanks so much. Next I have to call my friends Barb and Jerry and thank them for referring you to me. I will be sure to pass you name along as well.

Thanks again.

Cheryl C, Michigan

You guys have awesome customer service and if you want to use that statement, you can. I hope this antenna does the trick but no matter are the only ones that have been able to help me and then change a two day shipment into one day after a very late request. It is very much appreciated.

Mike G, Washington

I received my Wilson order (from Wednesday and have our application running on the bench with the backup Truckers antenna mounted on a tripod. I went from non-usable signal (an occasional one bar) on my EVDO card to 93% signal strength using the Verizon supplied network statistics software. I believe this to be a great test as it would appear that the operational RF gain is in the linear range as opposed to saturation. This RF signal level improvement allows us to go forward with our project. Thanks for the help.

Joe M, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I received the new antenna you sent yesterday. That's mighty fast service! Thank you so much for handling that for me and for the great price. I will definitely continue to order all my cellular accessories from WPS. You surely know what good service means.

Bob P, Minnesota

Dear Matt:

The level of customer service you provide was a pleasant surprise. My issue could have been your product but just as easily could not have been. Most companies would use that as an excuse to not help you. Your help in sorting through it all was much appreciated. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your future customers. Bad service is so common that good service needs to be recognized.

Kerry M, GA

I just wanted to let you know what superb technicians and salespersons you have in Amanda and Matt. They were so knowledgeable, and they directed me exactly to what I needed in a very helpful and friendly fashion. I got the feeling that they really wanted me to get just exactly what I needed. It was exactly how customer and technical support is supposed to be.

I want to commend you on an excellent staff, and I will recommend your store to anyone in need of cell phone reception help.

Josef b R, California

Hi, I bought your 811201 booster and trucker antenna (for my RV) plus a magnetic antenna for my car, and I've been using them here in Dead Zone (Lake County) Northern California for some weeks now, and I am so delighted at what great products you have. I use my cell phone here for voice plus internet connection, and I can always get a good signal. You should see the surprised look on people's faces when they see me talking on the phone here in the canyon. Sometimes when I drive around, I get into an analog-roam zone, but I always get a good quality digital signal at my "home" campground.

Eve L, California

I just wanted to email you and tell you that the system that you set up for us is working awesome. I can finally use my phone and my radio in my office. Now I can actually use what I have paid for, for so darn long! We have 26 Nextel phones and about ten of those are used in the office. Everyone is thrilled that they do not have to go outside to use the phone or radio to contact our workers in the field. Great Job !

Ron G, Missouri

I received my package yesterday. The adapters work beautifully! I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for getting my order out to me so soon. In this day and age I am certainly not accustomed to the level of customer service you've provided. Thanks again!

Brian S, California