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Coax Cables (50 Ohm)

Dash Mount Cables
Use this convenient dash-mount cable to easily connect your cell phone adapter cable to Digital Antennas PowerMax amplifiers, multi-cell phone combiners or cellular antennas. Available in 5' and 12' lengths to allow for convenient placement.
Double mini-UHF male Cables
Two convenient lengths (2 and 10) offer installation flexibility for connecting two devices with mini-UHF female connectors. Ideal for connecting a Digital Antenna PowerMax amplifier or repeater to a combiner
500 Seeries VHF - AIS Antenna Extension Cables
An easy solution to extending the cable on Digital Antennas 500 series VHF and AIS antennas by 10' or 20'. Simply connect the included double mini-UHF male adapter between the 500 series antennas mini-UHF female connector.
RG-8X Antenna Cables
RG-8X premium antenna cable is ideal for use with 800 and 900 series cellular and 700 series VHF antennas. A popular choice for custom installations, it is available in 10' to 40' lengths. For cellular cable runs in excess of 40', use 340.
PowerMax Inside Antenna Extension Cables
Easily extend your PowerMax DA4000SBR, PR or MR repeaters inside antenna by 10' to 25'. For the SBR and MR repeaters, these cables attach between the repeaters inside antenna (135-RD) and the repeater unit.
XM Extension and Replacement Cables
Easily extend the 50 cable included with Digital Antennas 233-XM-50 Satellite Radio Antenna. Available in 25 and 50 lengths for a simple custom installation.
PowerMax Low-Loss Antenna Cables
PowerMax antenna cables offer the lowest signal loss for cellular and WiFi frequencies. Available in 10' to 100' lengths to customize your installation. The weather-tight type N male connector attaches to the antennas type N female connector.
Bulk Cable
Our premium PowerMax cable offers the lowest signal loss available. Sold by the foot for a completely custom installation. Up to a 150' length can be used on cellular frequencies.