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CM-CN-04 - N Male to FME Male Connector

Your Price: $9.40
UPC : CM-CN-04
Manufacturer: SureCall
Manufacturer Part No: CM-CN-04
N Male to FME Male Connector. Typically used to connect a Cellphone-mate antenna directly to a splitter or N/Female amplifier connection.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).
N Male to FME Male Connector
Typically used to connect a Cellphone-mate antenna (FME/Female) to a splitter (N/Female).


  • Some of our repeaters now come with N/Female connectors so this adapter may also be required to connect the antenna to the amplifier. Please check the individual amplifier listing to verify the connector type.
  • The Yagi, Dome and Panel antennas do not use this adapter. They are N/Female terminated and must have LMR-400 cable connected between them and the amplifier or splitter.

CM-CN-04 - N Male to FME Male Connector