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B2BE-C3G-5F Panorama Multi-Band 805-960, 1710-2170MHz M2M and ISM Band Antennas

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Manufacturer: Panorama Antennas
Manufacturer Part No: B2BE-C3G-5F
The B2BE-C3G-5F Panorama Multi-Band Antenna is a cost effective antenna that can provide longer range on a cellular networks

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

The Panorama Omni Directional Wall Mount Antenna has been developed as a cost effective antenna to provide longer range on a cellular network. Designed to be mounted on a mast or wall, the antenna is waterproof and UV stabilized to withstand any weather conditions.  The omni-directional radiation pattern allows the antenna to be quickly installed without needing to know the location of the nearest base station.

The Panorama B2B antenna is also designed for machines that need to communicate easily with each other. The omni-directional radiation pattern makes them simple to install because no networking software or analysis is requires to find the optimum position.

These antennas can be used to create a Mesh Network enabling the machine to be in constant communication with its base because the data can re-configure its route around broken paths


  • Phone Adapter Cable: The B2BE-C3G-5F requires a phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone



Part Number B2BE-C3G-5F
Frequency Range 806-894MHz & 1850-1990MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Gain 2dBi
Radiation Omni
Polarization Vertical
Max Input Power 10 Watts
Coax Cable Low Loss URM76 Coax
Connector FME Female
Height 9" (from mounting plane)
Mount Bracket Mount

Also known as: Cellular Antenna, Cellular Antennas, Cell Antenna, Cell Antennas, Cell Phone Antenna, Cell Phone Antennas, Antenna Specialist Antenna, PCTEL Antenna, Home Cellular Antenna, Trucker Cellular Antenna, Cellular Trucker Antenna, Roof Mount Trucker Antenna.

B2BE-C3G-5F Panorama Multi-Band 805-960, 1710-2170MHz M2M and ISM Band Antennas