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4G Antennas

The first step towards improving your cell phone, cellular data card or other cellular device's signal reception is with a cell phone antenna. Cell phone antennas can be used in conjunction with a powered signal booster such as an inline amplifier or repeater or connected directly to the cell phone or device with an cell phone adapter cable or coax adapter.

Cellular signal reception is negatively affected by many factors including obstructions like buildings, vehicles, hills and trees as well as distance from the cellular tower - even the size of your cell phone or your hand while holding it. Using a cell phone antenna can reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access.

Finding the correct 4G antenna for your application can be confusing since your wireless carrier's 4G service may be using AWS, LTE or WiMax technologies. To help you find the 4G antenna that will fit your needs we have set up separate categories for each of the 4G technologies used by carriers in the United States including; AWS (1710-1755MHz, 2110-2155MHZ), LTE (700MHz) and WiMax (2.5-2.7GHz).  If you would like help choosing the correct antenna for your application feel free to contact us.


Cell Phone Antennas for Vehicles
In a vehicle, up to 90% of the cellular signal is blocked by the vehicle frame and glass. A cell phone antenna mounted on the exterior surface of the vehicle greatly increases the cell signal. For even greater cell signal improvement you can add an inline booster or vehicle cell repeater.
Cell Phone Antennas for Buildings
In your home or office, the interior and exterior walls and siding can greatly affect your cell signal. Putting an antenna on the roof prevents the walls and siding from attenuating your cell signal and helps minimize the effect of other obstructions between you and the cell tower.

Connecting to your phone or device: Connecting a cell antenna to your cell phone, cellular data card or other cellular device requires a phone adapter cable. To connect to other devices may require a coax adapter.


700 MHz LTE, 4G Antennas
Antennas supporting 700mhz LTE, 4G mobile broadband. 4G compatible antennas include portable, magnetic and permanent mount antennas. 4G wireless services from AT&T and Verizon will commonly be on 700MHz LTE.