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311703 - Wilson Cellular Dual-Band 880-960MHZ/1710-1880MHZ Magnetic Mount Cell Phone Antenna FME

Your Price: $29.99
UPC : 811815022602
Manufacturer: weBoost
Manufacturer Part No: 311703
900/1800 MHz Magnet Mount Antenna, 50 Ohm. 12.25 inch Vehicle Antenna For Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters with 12.5 ft of RG-174 Cable and SMA-Male Connector. 311703 Mobile Omni-Antenna Receives Signals From All Directions. 301703

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).
Supports European/Asian 900MHz (GSM) and 1800MHz (DCS) frequencies only - does NOT support North American frequencies.

The Wilson Cellular Magnetic Mount antenna is the European/Asian version of our best selling Wilson Electronics antenna. This antenna is recommended for use on cars, trucks and boats. It must be mounted on a metal surface (minimum 8" diameter) to function properly and is not recommended for home use.

A phone adapter cable is required to connect Wilson Cellular antennas to your phone.


  • Dual-Band & Tri-Mode: 900MHz & 1800MHz Analog and Digital
  • Easy to install
  • Removable - easily transfers from one vehicle to another
  • Strong rare earth magnet
  • Metal ground plane required (minimum 8" diameter)
  • 10 to 15 times more signal than a cell phone used inside vehicle without an external antenna
  • Patent Pending


  • Phone Adapter Cable: All Wilson Cellular Antennas require a phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone


Provides maximum range and power. Connects between a Wilson Cellular cell phone antenna and cell phone adapter cable.



Part Number 301703
Frequency Range 880-960MHz & 1710-1880MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Gain
-1.9 dBi (700-800MHz)
5.12 dBi (824-894MHz)
4.6 dBi (880-960MHz)
0.3 dBi (1710-1880MHz)
6.12 dBi (1850-1990MHz)
0.6 dBi (2110-2170MHz)
System Gain 10 - 15dB
Radiation Omni
Polarization Vertical
Wavelength 0.9 (880-960MHz) & 1.72 (1710-1880MHz)
Ground Plane Metal Ground Plane Required
Connector SMA Male
Coax Cable 10' RG-174
Height 11.25"
Mount Rare Earth Magnet

Also known as: Cellular Antenna, Cellular Antennas, Cell Antenna, Cell Antennas, Cell Phone Antenna, Cell Phone Antennas, Wilson Antenna

311703 - Wilson Cellular Dual-Band 880-960MHZ/1710-1880MHZ Magnetic Mount Cell Phone Antenna FME