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Building Antennas - Wilson Electronics

Most of Wilson's cell phone signal booster systems require an inside and outside antenna, so we have developed a full line of patented cell phone antennas to satisfy our customers’ needs.

You can either choose from our plug & play kits, which includes both antennas and booster or purchase the booster and select the antennas which work best for your installation. We have separated our antennas into two categories: Mobile and Building Antennas, although some of them work in both situations.

Inside Building - Wilson Electronics
Ceiling or wall mount antennas for use with wireless in-building repeater systems. Ceiling and Wall Mount Antennas Available.
Outside Building Antennas - Wilson Electronics
Designed specifically for use with our building boosters, Wilsons full line of building antennas offers top performance and multiple mounting options. Our high-gain Yagi and Wide Band directional antennas are designed to mount on the building exterior. carries the complete line of Wilson Electronics Rooftop omni-directional and yagi antennas.  These antennas include the Wilson 301111 Cellular Yagi antenna, the Wilson 301124 PCS Yagi antenna, the Wilson 301129 Cellular Yagi antenna, the Wilson 301134 Dual Band Panel Window Mount antenna, the Wilson 301202  Omni-directional rooftop dual band antenna, the 301157 Outdoor dual band panel antenna and the 304411 Wide Band Directional yagi antenna.
Mount on the interior of homes, apartments, condominiums, offices, buildings, and warehouses. Low Profile Cellular Antenna (301106) Wall mount dual-band antenna that transmits and receives to cell phones. Dual-Polarity Dome Antenna (301123) Ceiling mount antenna that transmits and receives to cell phones. Dual-Band Dome Antenna (301121) Ceiling mount dual-band antenna that transmits and receives to cell phones. Dual-Band Panel Antenna (301135) Wall mount dual band antenna improves transmit and receive signals to cell phones.