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Wi-Ex zBoost 50' Ultra Low Loss White RG-11 Extension Cable (YX030-50W11)

Wi-Ex zBoost White RG-11 Exterior Extension Cable (YX030-50W11)
Your Price: $99.95
UPC : YX030-50W11
Manufacturer: zBoost
Manufacturer Part No: YX030-50W11
Optional exterior cable allowing a longer run between the exterior antenna and Wi-Ex zBoost unit. Our higher grade RG-11 cabling provides less than 2/3rds the signal loss of the standard RG-6 cabling.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

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Custom made cable - not returnable. We suggest that you do a rough installation of the base unit to determine feasibility before purchasing and installing this cable.

Extend the run length between the exterior antenna the Wi-Ex zBoost Base Unit with this ultra low loss RG-11 cable. The loss on this cable is less than 2/3rds that of RG-6:

  • 800MHz
    • RG-6: 5.5dB/100'
    • RG-11: 3.46dB/100'
  • 1900MHz
    • RG-6: 9dB/100'
    • RG-11: 5.7dB/100'

NOTE: This cable CAN NOT be used between the Wi-Ex zBoost/Wilson 801247 Base Unit and interior antenna.

Use the 2GHz rated F/Female to F/Female splice to connect two F/Male terminated cables together.

Cable is custom made with top grade weather resistant Thomas & Betts compression fittings.

Because additional dB signal loss will decrease overall coverage area, we recommend upgrading to a stronger signal antenna (for example, the Wi-Ex zBoost Dual-Band Exterior Antenna Upgrade (YX029-PCS-CEL) which is compatible with the YX510-PCS-CEL) to prevent signal degradation when using over 60 feet of cable. For best performance, completely replace the RG-6 cabling with RG-11.

Additional Specifications:

  • Cable diameter: 3/8"
  • Connector diameter: 5/8"

This product is compatible with the:

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Wi-Ex zBoost 50' Ultra Low Loss White RG-11 Extension Cable (YX030-50W11)