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WA-1029 - RIM BlackBerry Passive Antenna Adapter

WA-1029  -  RIM BlackBerry Passive Antenna Adapter
Your Price: $16.95
UPC : WA-1029
Manufacturer Part No: WA-1029
Used to connect Wilson Cellular cell phone antenna to RIM BlackBerry

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Short, approximately 18" cable, used to connect a Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna to a cellular phone.

The RIM BlackBerry does not have an antenna port so an inductive coupler adapter is used instead. When looking at the back of the phone, the adapter should be attached (with included velcro) near the top center of the phone (the location of the phone's internal antenna.)

While inductive couplers do work they do not perform as well as antenna adapters that plug directly into a phone. To improve the performance of an inductive coupler, you can add an 811201 inline amplifier or use a SignalBoost amplifier instead. (SignalBoost amplifiers include a smaller inductive coupler.)


Additional Information - Antenna Port Locations

If you already have a cell phone antenna:

If you currently own a Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna, FME ARC Wireless Freedom Antenna or other FME/Female cell antenna, this antenna adapter will connect directly to it. If you have another brand of cell phone antenna you may need an additional adapter:

WA-1029 - RIM BlackBerry Passive Antenna Adapter