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TRABT1420 - Laird Phantom Low Profile 142-160MHz VHF Unity Gain Tunable Antenna (Black/NMO Mount) with Patented Field Diversity

TRABT1420 - Antenex Phantom Low Profile 142-160MHz VHF Unity Gain Antenna (Black) with Patented Field Diversity
Your Price: $130.95
Manufacturer: Laird
Manufacturer Part No: TRABT1420
Powerful VHF antenna, requires NMO mount. Typically installed through-the-roof.
This is a special order item and can only be ordered in quantities of 10 or more - Antenna must be tuned before use

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

The original patented Phantom Field Diversity low profile antenna sets industry standard that can not be duplicated.

The Laird Original Phantom low profile antenna requires a Standard NMO Mount (Common NMO Mounts, all NMO Mounts). Most NMO mounts are installed by drilling a hole in the roof of your vehicle (roof must be metal). The cable is then routed under the headliner to the radio's location. This provides for an excellent ground plane and very solid permanent installation. Trunk lip mounts are also available.

Note: This antenna features a tunable frequency range of 142-160MHz with a 1MHz bandwidth. What this means is that the antenna can be tuned to any 1MHz band within the range of 142-160MHz.


  • Field tunable (requires VSWR meter on radio) within 142MHz to 160MHz range
  • Multiple NMO mounting options are available (sold separately)
  • Metal ground plane required
  • Patented Field Diversity US Patent Numbers 45,977,931 and 6,292,156
  • Patented PC Board radiator
  • Phantom patented true field diversity design ensures uninterrupted transmissions in urban canyons and rural drop off areas - counteracts signal fading in reflective or mobile environments
  • Solid construction: ABS material is injection molded directly around the solid brass insert and all silver soldered joints
  • Specified by public safety, military, utility and transportation providers and installed on Apache, Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters and Humvee and Bradley military vehicles around the world.




Part Number TRABT1420
Frequency Range 142-160Mhz, Field tunable (1MHz Bandwidth)
Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Gain Unity
Radiation Omni
Polarization Cross Polarized
Ground Plane Metal Ground Plane Required
(18" minimum radius recommended)
Height 3.3"
Width 3.25"
Color Black
Mount NMO Mount  (Sold Separately)


TRABT1420 - Laird Phantom Low Profile 142-160MHz VHF Unity Gain Tunable Antenna (Black/NMO Mount) with Patented Field Diversity