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PowerMax Low Loss 50' DA340 Cable With N/Male to Mini UHF/Male

PowerMax Low Loss 50' DA240 Cable With N/Male to Mini UHF/Male
List Price: $137.50
Your Price: $82.50
You Save: $55.00 (40 %)
UPC : 340-50NM
Manufacturer: Digital Antenna
Manufacturer Part No: 340-50NM
50' PowerMax Low Loss Cable that Connects Digital Antenna Amplifiers with Mini-UHF/Female to N/Male Connectors.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

PowerMax antenna cables offer the lowest signal loss for cellular and WiFi frequencies. This premium coax cable is pre-assembled with Mini-UHF/male and N/male connectors. The Mini-UHF/Male connector attaches to a Digital Antennas amplifier and the weather-tight type N/Male connector attaches to the exterior antenna's type N/Female connector. Available in 10' to 100' lengths to customize your installation. Cables under 50' and shorter are made with Times Microwave LMR-240. For 50' to 100' lengths we recommend the  DA340 cable to minimize signal loss.


  • Connectors: N/male and Mini-UHF male
  • Length: 50'
  • dB Loss: 3.6dB (850Mhz), 5.5 (1900MHz)
  • Diameter: 0.24" (Cable), 3/4" (N Connector)

Should not be daisy chained to prevent excessive signal loss.

PowerMax Low Loss 50' DA340 Cable With N/Male to Mini UHF/Male