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Manufacturer Pages is a Master Dealer and/or Distributor for Laird Antennas, Surecall/Cellphone-Mate, Digital Antenna, Panorama Antennas, PCTEL/Maxrad/Antenna Specialists, Wi-Ex/Z-Boost and Wilson Cellular, Wilson Electronics. Our factory trained staff will create a solution based on your specific needs while keeping your project on time and on budget.

Located in Rochester MN, is one of the largest Cell Phone Signal Booster dealer/distributors in the USA. The products we sell are FCC accepted and have been thoroughly tested by our staff. We are in constant communication with the manufacturers that we represent to ensure that we are up to date with the latest information regarding technology changes and work diligently to ensure that the information that we convey to our customers is accurate.

Laird Antennas
Top Signal
Top Signal Cellular Antenna, Amplifier and Repeater equipment is the best in the industry. Top Signal products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality in mind.
Wilson Electronics
Cell phone booster repeater kit. User configurable cable lenghts, Cellular repeaters and antennas from Wilson Electronics
Cellphone-Mate cell signal boosters, amplifiers, repeaters, antennas and splitters
The Cellphone-mate brand cell phone signal boosters are some of the most powerful amplifiers and repeaters on the market today. The SureCall Building repeaters have user configurable power switches often times found on more expensive commercial units.
Panorama Antennas
Panorama Antennas offers a wide rang of 3G and GPRS antennas for both portable and fixed mount applications. 3G Broadband antennas are perfect for getting better connection strength in areas of limited 3G signal.
Digital Antenna cell phone amplifier repeater kits, signal boosters, antennas and cables for home, office, vehicle, marine and RV
Wireless Repeaters and Inline Boosters for use in RV and marine applications. Inline boosters provide optimum cellular signal enhancement for a single cell phone, data card or device while wireless repeaters enhance the signal for multiple cell phones.
Wi-Ex zBoost's patent-pending bi-directional amplifiers capture the signal outside and extend the cell zone inside.
Founded in 2002, Wi-Ex,, develops, manufactures and distributes zBoost, a cell phone signal booster for the home, office or car.The zBoost product line will Extend Cell Zones TM for users by improving date and cellular signal strength.
Cradlepoint Technology
Enterprise-ready Wi-Fi routers that enable the wide use of Cellular Broadband access the Cradlepoint Technology products are engineered to deliver the greatest productivity and value
Cyfre Amplifiers are the only OEM Software Controlled Cellular Amplifiers. Cyfre Amplifiers seamlessly bridges RF amplification between Cell Towers and todays elaborate handsets without disrupting the carriers tower management Networks.
PCTEL simplifies wireless broadband mobility. We simplify wireless access to the Internet and optimize cellular networks and roaming abilities across carriers. We build specialized antennas to facilitate wireless communication.
PCTEL is a leading global supplier of antenna solutions for multiple wireless applications including WiMAX, SCADA, land mobile radio, broadband wireless access, RFID, in-building wireless, aeronautical navigation, and GPS.
Telular Corporation develops products and services that utilize wireless networks to provide data and voice connectivity among people and machines.
weBoost - weBoost Amplifiers and Repeaters
weBoost, LLC, formerly Wilson Electronics, facilitates essential connections in consumer, enterprise and industrial applications worldwide by assuring seamless, uninterrupted cellular communications.
Cellular Specialties commercial grade cellular, PCS and Nextel repeaters
Cell phone signal boosters by CSI (Cellular Specialties Inc) are F.C.C. and carrier approved for small and large scale applications where a band selectable solution is desired or where a multi-band multi carrier solution is required.
ARC Wireless Freedom and Freedom Blade Antenna
The world's first portable personal antenna with broadband capability, compatible with all major wireless carriers and technologies and offers high performance in a slim package.