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Large Commercial Building Repeaters

For maximum wireless signal improvement in a large commercial environment consider a Cellular Specialties (CSI) carrier grade building repeater system.

Below is a selection of Cellular Specialties (CSI) repeaters and kits that we offer, for a larger selection see our Cellular Specialties (CSI) section.


Cellular Specialties (CSI) Building Repeaters are ideal for use in: Warehouses, shielded structures, office complexes, hospitals, parking garages, basements, metal buildings, campus environments, convention centers, stadiums, arenas, transportation and more.


Cellular Specialties (CSI) Building Repeaters offer several features including: LCD readout, easy to use menu system, integrated digital power/AGC meter, automatic isolation and dual controllers. Optional monitoring capabilities are also available. Different CSI amplifier models are available covering several different public safety bands including SMR800, SMR900, Cellular and PCS bands as well as sub-blocks.

Custom Design

If you would like a custom designed system, can help. The in house repeater design staff will suggest the most functional yet cost effective solution to enhance in-building coverage for both voice and data from all carriers. Our staff will work with the end user throughout the design and installation process to ensure satisfaction. has been involved in several thousand repeater deployments providing us the experience and manufacturer support to provide superior service and support.

Already have a quote from another company? We will gladly use our experience and tools to offer a second opinion and competitive estimate.

Wireless Building Cellular Repeater Frequency

Cell phone carriers operate on multiple frequencies depending upon carrier and location. Dual-band systems support most US carriers except for iDEN (Nextel, etc) and T-Mobile's 3G service. More information on cellular frequencies and determining what your carrier is using.