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Laird Technologies Infrastructure/IBW (In Building Wireless) Antennas

Laird Technologies (Antenex, Centurion) Infrastructure/In-Building Wireless Antennas

Laird Technologies offers a wide variety of in building wireless antennas for nearly every application including high gain omni directional antennas, bi-directional antennas, high gain panel antennas, diversity antennas, stealth antennas. Models are available in single, dual and multi band configurations.

Along with the 'interior' side antennas below, Laird Technologies also offers high gain directional Yagi antennas and omni directional fiberglass antennas.


Laird Technologies Megasphere In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formerly Centurion) 2.4GHz cylindrical, high gain omni directional antennas for indoor and outdoor/indoor usage
Laird Technologies Multiversity Indoor In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formely Antenex) low profile ceiling and wall mount antennas for SMR/iDEN (806-869MHz) and 2.4GHz
Laird Technologies Microsphere & Ultrasphere In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formerly Centurion) low profile, omni directional in building antennas with models supporting single and multiple bands from 450MHz to 2.4GHz
Laird Technologies Sphere In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formerly Centurion) omni directional Sphere in building antennas available in 850Mhz to 5GHz models
Laird Technologies Whisper Directional In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formerly Centurion) directional panel antenna with patented technology to provide inexpensive reliability
Laird Technologies High Gain Directional In Building Antennas
Laird Tech 2.4 to 2.5GHz high gain directional weatherproof and corrosion resitant panel antenna
Laird Technologies Terrace Bi-Directional In Building Antennas
Laird Tech (formerly Centurion) bi-directional antennas provide optimal corridor and hallway coverage
Cable Assemblies
RG-142 and RG-316 plenum rated cable assemblies used to connect between Laird Technologies antennas and popular wireless systems
Mounting Hardware
Laird Technologies' mounting brackets easily position antennas for optimal performance