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Janizary Holdings, Inc. has developed a new technology for mobile and fixed wireless amplifiers under the Cyfre brand utilizing patented technology under license from Motorola, Inc. The Cyfre digital microprocessor software controlled dual band line of amplifier are designed to meet or exceed carrier standards as well as improve wireless reception for the consumer.

The CyfreRF wired and wireless line of amplifiers was developed to be adjunctive to the carriers' system. After conferring with tower management groups of different carriers, and leading companies in RF handset manufacturing, Cyfre took the approach in it's research and development, to design a line of mobile and fixed amplifiers that never communicates with the carriers tower management which does not increase bandwidth to the carriers' system.

The software controlled digital system will sense the presence of a wireless handset, and it will respond in its power level to the presence of the signal generated by that handset so as to cause no interference with that signal, or confusion at the cell site.

The Cyfre RF line of amplifiers are a stand-alone pass through linear RF amplifier that uses external power. When close to a cell site it compensates only for the loss in the coaxial cable and connectors from an external antenna to the wireless portable handset. The handset has the ability to produce the power level that the local cell site is requesting regardless of the distance, within reason from the cell site. For this reason the CyfreRF line of amplifiers are the only amplifier company that utilizes this type of communication.

The Cyfre line of amplifiers is not a fixed output unit. The Cyfre line of amplifiers are bi directional, digital microprocessor software controlled RF linear amplifiers that have a large dynamic range from 27 dB to 72dB within our line of amplifiers. At its lowest level, it is approximately a 0 db gain. The Cyfre line of amplifiers engine is designed using patented technology under license from Motorola, Inc. for use on a worldwide basis.

Why compromise Reception? Cyfre offers the only RSSI-controlled amplifier

Cyfres cutting edge technology is changing the perception all RF amplifiers are the same and deplete valuable bandwidth from tower management systems.