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Cellular Specialties Standard (50dB) 1900MHz PCS In-Building Amplifier/Repeater System (1 indoor antenna)

Cellular Specialties Full Band PCS Repeater
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Item Number: CSI-S1-1900MHzSystem
Manufacturer: Cellular Specialties
Manufacturer Part No: CSI-S1-1900MHzSystem
Cellular Specialties PCS (1900MHz) Band Building Repeater System. Standard System with 1 indoor antenna designed to cover small office and home office environments up to 7,500 sq ft.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

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This item is not typically stocked and will be ordered especially for you. Please allow for extended delivery time. As a special order, it is not eligible for return. After placing your order, we will contact you to provide an estimated delivery date and to help confirm that this is the correct product for your application.

Our Standard CSI Building Repeater system with 1 internal antenna is designed with a Cellular Specialties Model 150 In-Building Amplifier, featuring 50dB of gain on the 1900MHz PCS band, is the perfect solution for small office/home office installations. The Model 150 provides, as standard, the following integrated features:

  • The Model 150 continuously monitors its operation and responds by reducing the gain of the amplifier to eliminate an unstable condition.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) lowers the amplifier gain in order to reduce strong signals.
  • The overload shutdown with automatic recovery features detects very strong signals that cannot be adequately controlled by the AGC. The amplifier will disable itself and then attempt to recover. The amplifier is active for a very brief period of time (less than 30 milliseconds) until the overload condition is eliminated.
  • Higher power output than any other amplifiers in its class with approximately 100 milliwatts (+20dBm) in the uplink and downlink for all models.
This system is a complete kit compatible with 1900MHz PCS Systems. Package will contain all items required to build one full amplifier/repeater system. All cables are crimped and all necessary adapters are included. The only additional items you will typically require are the pole to mount the Yagi antenna on and a ground wire if you chose the optional lightning suppressor.   Need custom cables?

We can custom build the cables to your required length using either LMR-400 or lower loss LMR-600. Contact us at (877) 594-5766 for more information.

1900MHz systems work for PCS systems using the 1900MHz band, for example, Sprint PCS and T-Mobile. The band that your carrier is using depends on your zip code. In particular, this system is not compatible with iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike) and cellular/PCS carriers using only the 800MHz band in your area. If you are unsure of the frequency band you are using, please contact us.

Zip Code/Carrier Name: We require you to provide us with your carrier's name and the zip code where the system is to be used so that we can attempt to check system compatibility.

Package Contents:

  • Outdoor antenna: 301124 - Wilson Cellular 13dBi PCS Yagi (1850MHz-1990MHz) Cell Phone Antenna
  • 50' LMR-400 Ultra Low Loss Cable (Yagi to Amplifier)
  • Cellular Specialties PCS (1900MHz) Band Building Repeater/Cellular Amp
  • 50' LMR-400 Ultra Low Loss Cable (Amplifier to Dome antenna)
  • Interior antenna: 301121WPS - Dual-Band (Multi-Band) Ceiling Mount dome antenna
         For a second interior antenna see Add On Interior Antenna Kit for Repeater Systems

    If you require additional interior antennas we offer the CSI-S2-1900MHz System (2 Interior Antennas), or the CSI-S3-1900MHz System (3 Interior Antennas).

         Does not include pole/mast for mounting Yagi - see FMW4-YMST4: Antenex 4' x 1-1/4" Aluminum Mast and 4" Standoff Wall Mounts (2 Brackets)

    Cell phone amplifiers/repeater systems extend cellular services in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. The amplifiers reduce problems with signal fades and dropped calls while improving voice quality, service range and access. These multi-mode amplifiers are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for use in buildings. These amplifiers are network compatible and enhance the cellular phone user's satisfaction without comprising the operation of the cellular system.

    This Amplifier-Repeater greatly improves signal strength inside a building when using your cellular phone. It does this without a physical connection to your phone, allowing you to walk freely during a call. It even allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously.

    The signal from the cellular tower is received by the outside antenna and then amplifier and repeated to your phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits it is received by the inside antenna and then amplified/repeated through the outside antenna to the cellular tower.

    • Wireless operation - no physical connection to cellular phone
    • In building and in vehicle models available
    • Increases signal strength in buildings for 1900MHz PCS frequencies
    • Allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously
    • Increases your cellular phone's range
    • Low cost solution for uncompromised performance
    • Compatible with 1900MHz Digital (CDMA, TDMA, GSM)


    This small office system is designed to cover up to a few thousand square feet depending upon the strength of the outdoor signal. For larger buildings see our Cellular Specialties Advanced 1900MHz System (62dB) or Cellular Specialties Premium 1900MHz System (85dB).

    Antenna Separation:

    In order for your system to function properly, you must maintain adequate separation between the interior and exterior antennas. The following rules will help you maintain adequate separation:

    • Ensure that the exterior Yagi antenna is aimed away from the interior dome antenna.

    • Ensure that you have 45' of separation between the interior and exterior antennas.

    Additional Documentation:

    This documentation is for Wilson Cellular Amplifier/Repeaters but much of it will be applicable to this system.


    Please note that while lightning protection will help guard against amplifier damage due to a lightning strike it does not guarantee it.

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    Cellular Specialties Standard (50dB) 1900MHz PCS In-Building Amplifier/Repeater System (1 indoor antenna)