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Cellular Antennas (Europe/Asia)

Cellular providers in Europe/Asia use different frequency bands than those used in North America. Depending upon country and carrier, European/Asian carriers use the 900MHz band (GSM), 1800MHz band (DCS) and/or 2100MHz (W-CDMA). In North America, the frequency bands used are primarily 800MHz (Cellular) and/or 1900MHz (PCS). GSM World is a good reference for determine which frequencies are being used in a particular country.

The antennas in the below categories support the European/Asian 900Mhz and/or 1800MHz frequencies. Additionally, many also support the North American 800MHz and/or 1900MHz frequency bands.

Mobile Antennas (Europe/Asia)
European/Asian antennas for mobile use
Building Antennas (Europe/Asia)
European/Asian antennas for building use
Desktop Antennas (Europe/Asia)
European/Asian antennas for desktop use