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Antennas - SureCall

Home/Building cellular antenna suggestions:

For even greater range and signal improvement:

An inline amplifier provides even greater range by increasing the strength of the received signal as well as transmitting a stronger signal back to the cell tower.

Need to be completely wireless?
Want to support more than one phone at a time wirelessly? A wireless repeater may work for you. We have both dual-band kits designed for Small office, Home office and  Complete Dual-Band Building Amplifier/Repeater Systems for larger areas.

Cellular antennas require an adapter for use:

Building Antennas - SureCall
SureCall Fixed mount antennas. Antennas designed for fixed mounting applications. Available in Omni-Directional and High Gain Directional.
Mobile Antennas - SureCall
SureCall Mobile Antennas for Vehicle, R.V., Marine and Portable Use.