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Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antennas

Wilson Cellular has been a pioneer in the wireless communications industry for nearly 40 years. They have designed a full line of patented cell phone antennas and are committed to bringing you the highest performance possible. Wilson Cellular's experience in antenna design and manufacturing along with their dedication to quality control are the reasons that they produce the worlds best performing Cellular Antennas.

Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antennas:

  • Greatly Reduces Disconnects, Drop Outs and Noise
  • Significantly Increases Your Cell Phone's Range on Send and Receive
  • Helps Eliminate the Dreaded "Dead Zones"
  • With Most Cell Phones, Transfers All of the Signal Energy from Your Cell Phone to the Outside Antenna
  • With Most Cell Phones, Eliminates All Microwave Energy Radiating into the Head
  • Most Cell Phone Antennas Install in Minutes Without Tools
  • No Power Required
  • Works on All Cell Phones with Compatible Cell Phone External Antenna Adapter Cable (800/850 & 1900MHz - Analog and Digital) offers a wide selection of cell phone antennas designed to meet your specific needs. To help you decide which cell phone antenna is best for your situation we've created lists of recommended antennas based on particular circumstances.

Some of our cell phone antennas are iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike) specific but all of our dual-band cell phone antennas are also compatible with iDEN service.

Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antennas require an adapter for use:

This list below is not all encompassing, for more options see our full Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna listing.

Cell Phone Antennas for Passenger Vehicles
Cell Phone Antennas for Semi Trucks
Cell Phone Antennas for RV/Motor Homes
Cell Phone Antennas for Buildings
Cell Phone Antennas for Boats