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Cellular Amplifier Variety

We carry a large selection of cellular amplifiers. We have both cell phone repeaters and inline boosters; these are the two types of amplifiers available for cell phones. Repeaters work with multiple phones and are wireless amplifiers. Inline boosters work with one phone and are connected by a cable to the amplifier. We have amplifiers for many types of vehicles including; trucks, recreational, boats, utility trucks as well as standard passenger vehicles. Cellular signals can be very poor in industrial or commercial buildings. We offer an assortment of amplification systems to bring the cellular signal you need indoors. Residential buildings can also benefit from signal boosting. Our high standards of quality are important to us; we will not sell a piece of equipment that doesn't perform well. If you want your cell calls to be clear and you want a good signal wherever you are review our catalogue or contact our engineers for the Wilson cellular amplifier that will enhance your cell phone services.

Wilson Cellular Amplifier Enhances Service

When your calls cannot connect due to patchy coverage areas or you are unable hear what a customer is saying to you, your cell phone has become a problem instead of a business solution. A Wilson cellular amplifier will expand service to areas that seem to be cell phone dead zones and increase the distance of your clear calls. You will be able to have crystal clear calls in your office, home, or car; wherever you need clarity, we have a solution! Contact us; our staff is prepared to work with you to create a cellular environment of consistently clear cellular calls.