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Bulk Cable offers a wide variety of bulk coaxial cable maintaining an inventory of 10s of thousands of feet available for immediate delivery. We offer the highest quality coaxial cable from names such as Antenex (Laird Technologies), Andrew, Belden and Times Microwave. The most popular stocked cable includes:

  • RG-58 Family (RG-58A/U, RG-58U, ATX-195, CNT-195, LMR-195)
  • RG-8X Family (RG-8X, CNT-240, LMR-240)
  • 400 Series (ATX-400, CNT-400, LMR-400)
  • Antenex Teflex and Teflon Coax

If you need a cable not shown, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Antenex Bulk Cable: RG-58
Bulk RG-58A/U, RG-58/U Coax Cable
Antenex Bulk Cable: 195 Series
Bulk ATX-195, CNT-195 Coax Cable
195 is a high performance RG-58 type cable
Antenex Bulk Cable: RG-8X
Bulk RG-8X Coax Cable
Antenex Bulk Cable: 240 Series
Bulk CNT-240 Coax Cable
240 is a high performance RG-8X type cable
Antenex Bulk Cable: 400 Series
Bulk ATX-400, LMR-400 Coax Cable