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ARC Wireless Freedom Antenna: World's First Portable Broadband Personal Antenna

ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc. selectively designs, manufactures and markets, as well as distributes and services, a broad range of wireless components, network products and accessories. The Wireless Communications Solutions Division designs, manufactures and markets many types of antennas and antenna systems including cell tower base station antennas, broadband wireless antennas, mobile antennas for public safety and asset tracking, as well as custom antenna designs for OEM customers. Our Starworks Wireless Inc. subsidiary specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing various cable products.

The Wireless Communications Solutions Division is proud to have manufactured products for AT&T Wireless, Alcatel, Bechtel, Cingular, Domital, General Dynamics, Jasco, LoJack, RCA, Telefonica, Terabeam, and Tessco, along with many others as well.

ARC Wireless Freedom Antenna

Dropped Calls? Get the Freedom Antenna®! The world's first portable personal antenna with broadband capability to provide clearer reception for cellular phones and other wireless devices by extending the range and reducing dropped calls caused by hands-free and other demanding uses. Utilizing patented technology, the Freedom Antenna® is compatible with all major wireless carriers and technologies and offers high performance in a slim package for both fixed and mobile hands-free use in vehicles, offices, homes and is ideal for travel. The Freedom Antenna is essential for sales people & executives, remote workers, anyone frustrated by dropped calls and poor reception. Requires cell phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone or cellular data card.  

ARC Freedom Blade Antenna

The ARC Freedom Blade Antenna is the little brother to the Freedom Antenna®. It is a smaller, sleeker version that is perfect for those who travel or are on the go frequently. When using with laptop AirCards where the signal is not optimal, this antenna will increase your data speed. With a large diversity of signal strengths across wireless networks in airports, hotels & other remote locations, increased data speeds makes your wireless experience more rewarding. The Freedom Blade uses the same patented technology as the Freedom Antenna® and works with all major wireless carriers and technologies. Requires cell phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone or cellular data card.  

ARC Freedom Cruise Antenna*

The Freedom Cruise antenna is designed primarily for use while in your vehicle. It attaches magnetically to the roof of your car and boosts your cell/wireless signal. Data speeds can also be increased when using the Cruise with AirCards. Requires cell phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone or cellular data card.

*Available January 2009

As the Freedom Cruise antenna is not available until 2009, if you would like a compact, high performance mini magnetic antenna we highly recommend the AA-012 mini-magnetic antenna. is the largest dealer/distributor of the ARC Wireless Freedom Antenna world-wide.